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Introducing "" (October 21, 2008)Introducing "" (October 21, 2008)
To our long-time friends and recently-registered users, we present a new address with which to reach the web's largest Mii archive and the only place to download user-made levels for Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy.

After months of searching the domain aftermarket and available domains, we realized that the creative boundaries of the community as it has been established and exists simply knows no lingual bounds, no defining words. So a simple and easy-to-remember URL was chosen -- one you'll be able to find the site at for years to come.

We've been dedicated to building and providing a superior experience for creative gamers to outlet and champion their creations.
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moderator is dead. Long live! Just give it some time, I guess.

So, will there be a badge for the people that registered before GamerCreated?

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*Grumble, Grumble*


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Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but I suspect I'll grow accustomed to it.

I still don't understand why MiiPlaza had to change to a domain without "Wii", "Mii" or "Nintendo" in the title when so many other fan sites, it seems, don't.

i think its a good name

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@ andy:  I've gone over before how MiiPlaza doesn't have to change to a name without "Mii" in it.  MiiPlaza is out, but MiiGallery would be OK.  The site redesign has gotten rid of all the images ripped from the mii channel, so it isn't a trademark issue anymore.

Except that now the focus of the site is broadening.  Blastworks levels are hosted here.  And Jose wants to make this a site for all nintendo user generated content.  I think he means to limit it to Nintendo stuff because the other guys are probably open enough with their online policies to make a site like this superfluous.  Nintendo, on the other hand, needs this site.  

But maybe that means that the use of the word "Mii" isn't required anymore to identify the site.  That may take away our excuse for using the word "Mii" and bring back trademark problems. 

It's not bad. I just hope we don't mix Miis and Xbox Avatars now. I'd prefer seperated sites for Nintendo and 360, as vc-reviews is seperated fro Wiiware-World

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Does that mean that this would become a site for both Microsoft and Nintendo stuff?

If i am correct, then what 360 stuff should we expect?

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Its been over 2 months, are we going to get a update on the site or not? Other than the rep system

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Cryo, the reputation system is a pretty big upgrade that a lot of people were requesting... and it's still not finished... and there's much more on the way. The "Suggestions" thread in the forum is a great place to voice your opinions. When a new feature is finalized I go there to figure out what's next to be worked on.

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the people i take it that registered when it was miiplaza do get a badge and its called the old skool badge i have one!!!
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