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Community Highlights (February 11, 2009)Community Highlights (February 11, 2009)
A lot has happened since we assumed our new identity of, here's some of the highlights in case you missed them.

Blast Works artists are taking things to a whole new level with recent entries like Temple of Janus, Z-Day, Zp+, Body Wars X1, Music, and Roboter to name only a small few! If you managed to score a copy of Blast Works, get downloading!

The name change hasn't kept the great Mii artists away, either. rababob noticed that celery has overtaken AtkaFighter in the category of most Miis, with a current total of 481! There are also four new artist profiles for artists B1LL, Andy Anonymous, KingZombie, and most recently, D. Maria! If you have suggestions for who should be profiled next, let Jose know.

In the coming days some updates will be making their way to, including the finalization of the reputation system. Other changes and updates that you'll notice will be speed enhancements, layout enhancements, better browser compatibility, more restrictions on new users and more privileges for long-time members, as well as a much needed overhaul to the Mii & Blast Works browsing and searching. Until then, thanks for the continued support.
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Also, for those who have not noticed, the formatting in comments and posts is now defaulted back to the traditional text box. If you are having troubles with the formatting toolbar mangling your posts, please use BBcode ( for formatting your posts. Improvements to the formatting toolbar are coming soon.
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