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Digg This is always being updated — get your digs here. Version 3 Beta, Xbox Live & PSN Widgets (March 16, 2011) Version 3 Beta, Xbox Live & PSN Widgets (March 16, 2011)
Version 3 Beta
The long teased redesign can now be previewed by all users. Before you do, know that you'll need a modern browser: Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Firefox 4, or the latest version of Chrome. If you're sure you're ready, head over to your Preferences page and scroll down to where it says "Theme" and select the Version 3 Beta theme. You can change back to the old theme at any time.

New Xbox Live & PSN Widgets (updated)
Also new on the Preferences page, Xbox Live Gamertag and PlayStation Network ID settings will enable any future Xbox- or PlayStation-related features, as well as provide data to the new "Xbox Live" and "PlayStation Network" widgets you can add to your profile page (or login page). This will display your Gamer Pictures, GamerScore, Trophies, and recently played games. Jose's page has examples of both.

Other Updates
In recent weeks, many other updates have rolled out silently (mentioned only in the Suggestions forum thread), including: user comment history on user pages; clickable links to afformentioned comment history and Miis now display in those very same comments; user image gallery pages are now paginated; private messages now inform of new comments on your uploads; there's a brand new "Upload" page with support for 3DS-made Miis; some long-standing comment editing bugs have been resolved; support for foreign language characters in comments has been fixed; and controversially, the user Mii pages have been paginated. We're working on a further revamped solution for the user Mii pages, and will resolve the issues reported soon.

New Artist Profiles
It's been a long time coming, but there are now new Mii artist profiles: dizzy boy and King Galaxy, two long-standing members and heavy contributors. The community voted, and we all thank them for sharing their artistic visions with us over the years. Congratulations to them both. If there's an artist you feel deserves the spotlight, click on the "Vote for Artist" button on their Mii Portfolio.

Version 3 Beta Notes
If you have any technical problems (not relating to visual bugs) with the new layout, please be sure to report them.

If you'd like to see your original artwork used in the headers and footers of, simply upload your work to the Images section and send me a private message with links to your artwork. I'll review your submissions, and if any fit the criteria they will be taken into consideration.

There may be some visual inconsistencies on some pages of the site. We are aware of these issues and will patch them before Version 3 is taken out of "Beta" status later in March for the release of the 3DS.

Thanks for the support, now let's see those 3DS Miis next month!
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Please note that I am already aware that JavaScript occasionally fails to load in the new layout, causing various parts of the page (like the top navigation menu) to not work. The cause of this problem is still unknown, but can easily be remedied with a page refresh.
Version 3 definitely looks nicer than the old design (and I'm not just saying this because it features some of my paintings). Cool improvement!
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Friendly Something To Say
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At first glance I am enjoying the new updates, however call me lazy or unobservant (both of which I am), but now I have to click on the new miis rather than just vote for them on the page. A minor inconvenience, and it does encourage one to leave a comment or 2. Still exploring but loving it all the same. Thanks Jose!
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