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New Artist Profile & More Updates (March 20, 2011)New Artist Profile & More Updates (March 20, 2011)
More Artist Profiles!
Congratulations to Eben-Frostey, for his well deserved Artist Profile this week.

More Site Updates
It's been a busy few weeks behind the scenes of, despite all the updates listed in the last update, there's even more this week:
  • The Artist Profiles page has been completely revamped.
  • The Latest & Greatest home page section has been reworked, and now includes featured users, recent image uploads, the current popular game, news article, and forum thread.
  • Layout Version 3 is now the default view for supported browsers.
  • Version 3 users can now change the background gradient color in their Preferences.
  • User Mii pages now include a search widget for searching through a single user's Miis.
  • The "Downloads" page under "My Account" has been removed and consolidated with the "Games" page.
  • "Bookmarks" page under "My Account" now separates Mii bookmarks from image bookmarks, and puts forum bookmarks at the top.
  • Mii Portfolio" and "Image Portfolio" widgets no longer contain user profile information (see next item).
  • "User Profile" widget is now heavily truncated while in the smaller column, and now precedes Portfolios on image and Mii pages (see last item).
  • Widgets (such as private messages and Mii lists) now work properly when JavaScript fails to load or on devices without JavaScript support.
  • An updated look for images embedded in comments using the (mii) tag.
  • JavaScript for the User Map and Chat services have been upgraded.
  • More improvements and bug fixes to the layouts for both themes.
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