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First 3DS Miis & More Updates (March 26, 2011)First 3DS Miis & More Updates (March 26, 2011)
celery has uploaded the first 3DS Miis to Thanks, celery! problems?
To celebrate the launch of the 3DS, and counter the dip in search engine rankings for "Mii" since changing the site URL, all Miis have been moved to this new subdomain. Users may find they're being logged out of the site when they're browsing Miis; if this happens to you, to permanently fix the problem, you'll need to logout and login again.

More Updates
Yet another list of updates as we prepare for the arrival of our 3DS orders stateside...
  • QR Codes can now be uploaded with Miis. QR Codes are scannable codes that are generated by the 3DS and enable gamers to download Miis directly from via the 3DS camera.
  • Version 3.0 users can now select their choice of color for the page background.
  • All Miis now live on and have custom page descriptions and thumbnails to improve their rankings in search engines.
  • "Display My Images" sorting option now available in Preferences
  • "3DS Friend Code" setting now available in Preferences
  • Xbox and PS3 games are now available site-wide and in the games section to vote on, review, and add to your collection.
  • You can now quickly rate games in the games sections.
  • Wii and DS games have been updated.
  • You can now use the checkboxes while browsing games to add multiple games to your account at once.
  • You can now re-vote on Miis, images, or anything else you've voted on.
  • More bug fixes and optimization
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