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More Site Updates (April 1, 2011)More Site Updates (April 1, 2011)
A few useful updates this week, including some new user page features and some updates for 3DS Miis. On with the list...
  • When editing a Mii, if you add a new image (version; e.g. a 3DS update), the console selection and QR code will be applied to that version. This way Wii versions and 3DS versions of the same Mii are distinguishable for future site enhancements.
  • Image uploads can now be associated with a game. This data will also be used in future site updates, and popular games will get their own categories.
  • "Display Publicly" setting is now available for 3DS Friend Codes, Xbox Gamertags, and PSN IDs on the Preferences page.
  • The My Friends page has been updated to include the various console user IDs supplied by your friends.
  • The game and user pages now have custom background colors when using the "Version 3.0" theme. If you already have a custom background set, you will need to "Allow Overrides" to see the page's override colors.
  • Game pages have seen some minor improvements, including console-specific color schemes, news, and visual improvements. 3DS Games have also been added.
  • Usernames can now be searched on the Users Search page for contents instead of exact matches.
  • Users may now set a custom image header for their page by selecting an image in the Preferences section from their uploads.
  • Users may now link to a group by its "tag" in Miis or images. Some possible URL examples are below, and visitors can search within the results.
To see the new user page enhancements, check out:
...rababob's political Miis:
...or Andy's celebrities:
...or browse Jose's Forze photos:
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