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Data Loss (Updated) (April 10, 2011)Data Loss (Updated) (April 10, 2011)
While reworking the backup systems, a terribly-timed event occurred and data was lost. There's a slim chance more data may be able to be recovered, but it's looking unlikely.

Corrupted or lost images: 195
Corrupted or lost image "versions": 254

About 30 of those were Jose's and are now fixed, and some appear to have never existed in the first place (upload errors).

Unfortunately, it appears that users who were impacted were heavily impacted, the first noticed being profiled artist ShakeandBake. If you are one of these users, we are deeply sorry and offer assistance in recovering your profile data. You can email Jose directly if you desire such assistance.

Update: There is now a solution for users missing data. If you are affected, when you go to your Uploads page it will automatically notify you and present you with a tool to help rebuild your damaged portfolio while keeping original dates and times and other data intact.

The Blast Works section will be fully restored soon, and uploading and editing has been re-enabled.

Our deepest apologies to those affected by the loss.
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