What country do you live in, and if applicable, what state?

United States of America.
I live in Pennsylvania.

How do you choose what Miis you're going to make? Do you have a process?

Yes, I do.
I like to make groups of miis. Especially, after I've gotten used to making so many miis. I like to use the "Tag" Process. It helps me seperate each different group of miis in their own unique way. It helps makes the mii process more organized, which is what I like to do. Everyone has a different process which creates a perfect Mii community. :)

Which Mii do you feel is your best so far?

I love all my Miis. My most favorite are my art miis, and my Block Rockin' Mii Contest Entrys. Alot of my art miis are "cut-outs". Usually, the cut-out miis are movie posters, or other photoshopped ideas.
My favorite Mii is "Pi(3.14...)" This mii has alot of votes, comments, and positive reactions.
Even if it's upside-down, it's a mii, and when I thought of it, I knew it would be my favorite.

What one (and only one) Mii piece would you add to the Mii Channel if you could?

Facial Hairs. The Mustache and Beard, have very plain styles. It would be nice to have different styles and possibly newer colours.

Do you do any sort of art by trade? What other creative outlets do you pursue apart from the Mii Channel?

Mii Making is a hobby. If you don't put effort into Mii-Making, your going to see a negetive reaction. Believe it or not, but Mii-Making is one of my only art concept hobbies. The only thing I can think of is, doodling! I even got a B- in Art this Marking Period. When it comes to digital art, Im ready for the challenge that awaits!

What's your favorite experience with the Wii so far?

The Wii brings many different adventures. Between the Virtual Console, Wii Message Board, and etc... It makes it the best system on the market, in my opinon. The Wii is a great Nintendo Console, and I plan to stay a Nintendo customer.

What game do you feel is missing from the Wii line-up most right now, given the Wii's unique control mechanic?

Now that I think about it, we could use a few Mario and Sonic games. I was a major Sega Fan when I was young, than I got a DS and everything changed. I started to like Mario games. Both characters play a major roll in some games. It would be great if there was more ;)

Any additional props, plugs or comments?

All I have to say is, never give up. Mii Making is a new generation of art. I've been dreaming of this moment. I was so happy when I got the chance to have an Artist Profile. Thanks to The MiiPlaza Staff, especailly JoseNintendo, for this oppurtunity. Thank you all to my friends and fellow users. Remember, all it takes is effort. Thank you everyone!

You can find more of A Cheap Pun's Miis on his user page.