What country do you live in, and if applicable, what state?

I live in Canada on the stone, cold prairies. That's why I have nothing better to do than make Mii's!

How do you choose what Miis you're going to make? Do you have a process?

I go through my mental rolodex of movies, tv, comic books, music etc. and see if anything comes to mind. Now that I have a much better understanding of the limitations and nuances of the Mii creation utility, I usually know when a person or character will be impossible to do. However the caveat to that is there are quite a few I've given up on, only to see someone else come along and do them incredibly well on Miiplaza. When I'm creating a Mii, I usually have to plug in as many defining elements as soon as possible. I can't spend an hour on getting the hair and face shape right, I have to get the basic look of the character down as fast as possible and then tweak. I usually use Google images and study a few images of the person or character to get their defining characteristics down, as a Mii is just a polygon caricature. You have to embellish or enhance various features sometimes before you get that "Aha!" moment where it looks right.

Which Mii do you feel is your best so far?

I'd have to go with The Incredibles or Hellboy. I didn't think it would be possible to do The Incredible's masks, but when I stumbled on the method, I was pretty pleased with the result.

What one (and only one) Mii piece would you add to the Mii Channel if you could?

Definitely more color options, perhaps a slider or fader system which allows you to cycle through various color hues, saturation etc. for each item.

What's your favorite experience with the Wii so far?

I loved Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Instant classic.

What game do you feel is missing from the Wii line-up most right now, given the Wii's unique control mechanic?

A musical game based on playing the drums (with the Wii-mote as drum sticks) or perhaps some sort of Star Wars light sabre game. I'm not in Star Wars in the slightest but I could see fans really getting into light sabre battles with the Wii-motes. Hey, maybe a knitting game! Kidding.

Any additional props, plugs or comments?

Miiplaza is the first place I saw someone create a Mii based on a popular character (it was Charlie Brown). I was blown away! I had ignored the Mii Channel because I thought it was just so limited that I didn't even think it would have been possible to create anything halfway interesting. So my son and I sat down to recreate our own version of Charlie Brown and that started all of the experimenting. I check out Miiplaza almost every day and I see so many talented creators that I'm humbled by what they create. I do get a lot of Friend requests because the people want my Mii's, but I have to say that I'm not interested in sharing, but NOT because I'm greedy. The Mii's aren't hard to create and all of the tools are available to you as they are to me. The fun of Mii creation is figuring out how to do it yourself because that opens the door of imagination and creativity. I mean, it's FUN, it's not like it's hard work or brain surgery. Look at the Mii you want and figure out how to do it! Chances are you'll learn some really cool tricks that open up other avenues.

My thanks to Miiplaza for hosting this cool site and I wish you all the best of success in the New Year! Literally every day there are new Mii's that I thought weren't possible. Very cool!

You can find more of Moxxi's Miis on his user page.