What country do you live in, and if applicable, what state?

The U.S. in Pennsylvania, for now anyway

How do you choose what Miis you're going to make? Do you have a process?

I don't really have a process, it's usually whatever pops into my head at the time. For example, I thought of doing Joe Camel after watching a Christmas special, believe it or not lol. And if a mii hasn't been done yet, it gives me more motivation to try it out on the channel.

Which Mii do you feel is your best so far?

I usually like the ones that don't get noticed. I'm sure most of you won't agree with me on this but...I'm really proud of my Zac Efron mii! I struggled with him for a while but I think he came out pretty darn good!

What one (and only one) Mii piece would you add to the Mii Channel if you could?

I have two words for you: MORE HAIR!!! There are a lot of pages to flip through but I still find the amount of hair styles a bit lacking. There aren't any radical doos, where is my crazy hair?! It's so frustrating when every other part of your mii is to your liking but the top of the noggin seems amiss.

Do you do any sort of art by trade? What other creative outlets do you pursue apart from the Mii Channel?

I took some art classes in high school. I'm not a spectacular artist but I do like drawing and messing around on MS Paint from time to time.

What's your favorite experience with the Wii so far?

Probably playing Kororinpa: Marble Mania with my dad. We heard my Grandparents had it (and that my Grandma had a knack for it) so we decided to give it a go (In case she ever challenged us lol). It's a blast!!!

What game do you feel is missing from the Wii line-up most right now, given the Wii's unique control mechanic?

If Nintendo could somehow steal Banjo-Kazooie and make a game for the Wii, I'd be camping outside of Best Buy as we speak...

Any additional props, plugs or comments?

Thanks Jose for making this crazy cool site!

And a HUGE thank you to all the people that voted for me, you guys rock!!!

You can find more of MTL's Miis on her user page.