What country do you live in, and if applicable, what state?

I reside in Southern California in the US. I tried to live in other States but couldn't get used to the weather.

How do you choose what Miis you're going to make? Do you have a process?

When my wife and I see someone interesting on TV or movies, we turn on the Wii and try to make a Mii before the mental picture fades. We try not to spend too much time focusing on the details but rather attempt to capture the emotion or personality behind the Mii's we make. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. We are not very patient people so we usually spend less than 15 minutes to make a Mii; after that we lose interest and move on to something else. (For example after looking for the right mouth for Brad Pitt for 10 minutes we simply gave up and made a pig instead.) We try to make characters from movies rather than their perspective actors/actresses. Also we both love animals so we really enjoy making animal Mii's after we get tired from playing Wii Sport.

Which Mii do you feel is your best so far?

Haha, it's hard to say. I think I like my animal Mii's more than human ones. I especially enjoy my dog Mii's since they resemble the personalities of my Miniature Pinschers. They were the first animal Mii's we made. I guess we were fortunate Nintendo made it possible to make tan and black/tan dogs on the Mii Channel. I tried to make a Maltese Poodle mix for my brother but the color limitation made it impossible to do so. I also really like the Kitty Cat, but I am more of a dog person so I am biased. :)

What one (and only one) Mii piece would you add to the Mii Channel if you could?

Well, not adding a piece per say, but I would like it if we can adjust the size and ratio of the face. So we can have slightly larger or smaller head, or changing the height/width ratio. It's kind of difficult to make Mii's resemble a particular person or animal when the size/ratio of the face is fixed.

Do you do any sort of art by trade? What other creative outlets do you pursue apart from the Mii Channel?

I grew up in Taiwan, so I read a lot of manga (comic books) when young. I drew a lot of caricatures, cartoons and cars when I am in class or just bored. I am not a very good artist by any means, but pencil/pen drawing and sketching is a hobby of mine. All you need is a pen or pencil, and a piece of paper/napkin/receipt. ^__^

What's your favorite experience with the Wii so far?

We got the Wii days before Christmas and Wii Sport was a killer party game. It's really fun to play Wii Sport with a bunch of friends, it's even more fun watching other people play. (Some people really lose it on Wii Sport Boxing after a couple of beers.) We used to run a video game club in college and game console like the Wii is what video gaming is all about. Modern day games tend to focus too much on technical details or violence rather than pure fun and game play. I find Wii games are enjoyable by people of all ages. We love games that are fun and bring people together.

What game do you feel is missing from the Wii line-up most right now, given the Wii's unique control mechanic?

I am waiting for a R&B/Rapping game where you need to use the Wii remote to emulate ridiculous hand motions and gestures artists make. Maybe Nintendo needs to make a microphone attachment for the Wii remote first. haha. More realisticly I like to see the Metal Gear Solid franchise from Konami. I think it would be great to play a great game like MGS with the Wii remote/nunchuck controller.

Any additional props, plugs or comments?

I really enjoy making Mii's on the Wii, it reminds me of when I was really young attempting to built different things out of Lego blocks. The fundemental limitations to Mii creator makes it a challenge to create recognizable Mii's. Making a good Mii is similar to solving a puzzle. I think that factor makes it more fun than simply drawing cartoon or caricature on paper. Now I need to figure out what to do with the 100 Mii limitation on my Wii console because now I need to delete my older Mii's to make new ones. My Mii parade is also overflowing with nearly 200 Mii's. I wish Nintendo would lift the 100 Mii limitations on the Mii channel or I might have to either buy more Wii Remotes or another Wii Console. (No$$$$$$$$$)

I am really amazed how quickly Mii Plaza has grown over the past month. I think it's by far the most organized and largest Mii community online. I think it would be great to add multiple language support for the main menu. (Japanese, European Language, Spanish and Chinese) I know many people overseas would love to join in the fun and share their Mii's. I'll continue to fullfill Mii requests until my Wii address book is full.

You know you have spent too much time in the Mii Channel when....

a) Last time I was in a traffic jam I wanted to press A+B and drag the cars in front of me out of way.
b) I saw Mel Gibson doing an interview on TV and thought "I think my Mii looks better than the real person"
c) It irritates me on a daily basis that limitations on the Mii Channel makes it impossible to complete Chinese zodiac animals with Miis. (How do you make a snake!? Growl~)
d) When I meet people in real life I immediately recognize their corresponding Mii parts.
e) When you have Mii's that are inappropriate for children. (Don't worry, they are not Mingling)

You can find more of SSS's Miis on his user page.