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Ball Revamped
i want one please add me and i added u ok
wow i didn't write all that it just appeared when did the secret symbols. Amazing
found more symbols

O yeah
how to do that symbol hold Alt and press 999 666 333
I'm getting brawl put me on the list

maintenance mode what does it do? I have no clue! well one thing it disables wiiconnent24.

hold plus and minus and A at the same time on the health and safety screen to do it!

I'm tails!
I just started so mine is 9
Tails mi
Paper mari
you can also pervide links to your miis to !OK!
Any one want to be my friend on runescape because I will add U. if u want my user name wiimail me about it. Just say on this forum u will add me. OK
YES! Yeah we are
Yes it is! YEAH
!check mii out is coming out the 11th of this month
nice mii
what about seeing how many times a mii has been viewed so you can tell if people are looking at your mii and not voting. Becuase I want people to vote on my miis
sorry about posting double! loaded very slowly first time
Quote mii123me:
Another game that can be played on wii

Won't load on wii! sorry
Quote mii123me:
Another game that can be played on wii

OK? Never mind about playable on wii, won't load on wii!
Another game that can be played on wii
Mickey mouse castle of illusions and Mickey mouse world of illusions were good games! Just waiting for them to come out though.
Line rider for wii! A little bit laggy but still works fine !TRY IT NOW on WII!
Cool brakeout game! can be played on wii!
A game like ball revamped, but not ball revamped! BALL MANIA

cool wheel game
Another one!

of the Ball Revamped series
cool! mine just got shipped! when yours got shipped, how long did it take you to get them?
NOT COMING OUT TO JAPAN UNTIL NOVEMBER! Which means more than likely it won't come to the U.S. until december or next year. (Bottom of article)
No! I mean split up polls and topics into separate groups. !ok!
Search by polls or topics, instead of looking page after page for poll or a topic.
Heres another game!

Quote I am An Overweight Waffle:
Of Course line rider!

What do you think of the other games I posted here?

!All really Cool Games!
please someone comment on the post I made above. I would like to know if this was any help to you all!
What about in the find friends section, next to the game there currently playing have the friend code next to it! It would probably help search for friend code games! Example (mario strikers charged: 0000-0000-0000)
Although I would like to assist you, I have not heard of any plans to expand the
number of Mii's that you can have in your Mii Plaza. If we do announce such an
update, we will be sure to post the information to our website. And thats what nintendo said, it sounds like theres hope. !YEAH!
I contacted nintendo about it, but I am still waiting to hear back from them. When they respond back i'll copy and paste what they sent me in info, if its good news about it !OK!
Which of these sonic characters should be in Brawl?
Which one do you like the most? I chose 3.0
Own 2
I hope that they would let you create up to 1000 miis in your plaza, which would also mean 200 pages (1000 friends) in your friend list and 10000 miis in your parade!
sorry for that it looked like it didn't post at first
add me:STRIKERS CODE:060236-454701
add me strikers code:060236-454701