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Haha no problem! I tried sending a bug report but couldn't do that for the same reason :P
Not sure if anybody has mentioned this one already, but it's impossible to create a new account or send a bug report, it seems, because the human verification code is just a looped blue pattern...
Haha! These are so cool!
That's cool. I instantly recognized it!
I love the collar!
Wow! That's creative!
I just saw the movie today and really like what you did with the eyebrows! Very creative!
Wow! That's really creative!
I edited the edges of the face for the picture. It says in the description.

It's Double D. from Ed, Edd, and Eddy! Love it!

Haha! I forgot about making K'nuckles. This isn't bad. Better than attempts!
So cool! I would've never thought about making it upside down!
Awesome design!
Love it!
Bumblebee is such a hard mii to make. I've tried so many times. You did a really good job though! Guess I should try harder.
hmmm.not bad. Only stitch on the site. I like the eyes.
Lol! that's so awesome! I'm favoriting it!
Some people would call that cheating (like with some of Bobby Bobby's green Miis)
Pretty cool.
So creative and awesome!
That's amazing! It's like perfect! WOW!
Thanks! I'll start working on some more soon.
yeah, this was one of my first miis.
No. It's the A-Button.
You have some really good miis!
what's that thing at the top?
I thought the D-Pad looked perfect. Maybe it looks better on the wii.
I like how you did the nose. And the whiskers just work perfectly. I might have to favorite this.
I like the old one better.
Wow! That's creative!I love the rib cage. How did you think of the legs?
This is one of the coolest miis ever! Too bad everyone copied it.
What the heck!! That doesn't even look like a mii!! That's cool!
That's pretty good. I recognized it immediately.
I tried making a mii of the pillsbury dough boy once, but it didn't turn out too well. Good job! The mouth's a little weird, but I see what you are trying to do.
Wow! That's pretty much perfect!
Wow! That was fast!
Oh! I see it now! That's awesome!

that's cool!  I like the visor.

very cool and creative! 5 stars 

Thats really cool.  I like how you even gave her the helmet.

Cool!  I lke what you did for the full name!

Thanks for giving me credit!  Looks really cool!


Kinda like twoface.  I dressed up as him for halloween.

I'll sign up!

haha.  love the new name!

IT's not a stache, it's susposed to make his upper lip look bigger.

Wow! That's amazing! 5* and favorited.  congrats on the feature!

That's cool.  i  was going to make a mii like this, but didn't know how.

I mean Ian. :P