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Sorry. "As far as the face," not "as fare as the face." Sorry. :)
Ewwww. I haven't seen the Saw films (I'm too young, and I don't want to see them anyway) but I saw an action figure of this in an F.Y.E. one day. I would give him dreadlocks and make him wear red, but as fare as the face, it's very good. 4.
Sorry, albo. But what do you think of the Mii?
Yes! Finally a 100%-accurate Bo-Bo! Nice job! I don't watch the show (it disturbed me), but I have seen the man himself and this is awesome!
Very good! Keep it up, isic!
P.S., Zaxo, I'm not trying to get you to give my Mii a good review. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (ususally), and I really am sorry. I shouldn't have said anything negative. Please forgive me, and please respect my opinion.
Look, Zaxo, the comment I left on your Ganondorf was the only negative comment I left on this entire site, so please don't accuse me of "policeing" other people's creations. I'm sorry. I voted 1 a lot of times, because I asked a lot of friends what they thought of yours and they agreed with me. I'm sorry. I didn't do any of that out of spite. Your other Miis were really cool and really good; I just put my opinion. So can we just bury the hatchet? Please?
Very clever.
Ha Ha Ha! I love it!
I like it.
Better than most.
Oh, come on. You're just saying that because I bashed yours. It took a long time to do this. I know I got the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth right. And there are so many Ganons on this site that just look like grumpy old men. Look, your other Miis were awesome. There's no need to get ticked off at me just because I didn't like your Ganon. Leave me alone, Zaxo.
Thanks, guys. Also, please see my Wilt Mii!
Ha Ha Ha! I'm not allowed to see this movie, but I've seen what this guy looks like, and this Mii is accurate and funny.
Now that is cool. 5'd!
Wow! 5'd! If only you could make the whole face, but it's just not possible.
This is awesome.
Very good.
This is awesome! My sister says, "This isn't even funny how good this is."
Except for the hair, this is perfect.
I am not allowed to watch this show (and I don't really want to) but this Mii is amazing!
Great! I haven't seen the show in a long time, but I saw the movie from 1999, and I actually thought it was really good.
This looks EXACTLY like Christopher Walken. This is amazing.
This is so awesome it's not even funny.
Chuck Norris doesn't have to make butter. He roundhouse kicks a cow and the butter comes right out. ........sorry, another dumb Chuck Norris "fact." Nice Mii!
I just watched this movie, this is perfect!
This Incredible.
Pretty good.
Awesome! I love this movie!
Thanks, all of you, for your nice comments and support! If you have friends who use this site(and watch Foster's), could you tell them about this Mii? I really want this one to be popular! Thanks again!
Not bad, actually. I see the resemblance.
This is great!
4 stars. This is a great likeness!
Thank you for the nice compliment, Mr. jayandsilentbob. I have Miis of Frankie, Duchess, Mac, and Wilt that I want to put on here. I don't think my Mac one is very good though. I don't know if I will be able to put these on the site, or when, but I plant to. Thanks again!
Perfect Marcie!
No, his eyes are not different colors. Sorry about the picture quality. But aside from the eye mix-up, how good did you actually think the Mii was?
Awesome! It kinda reminds me of Bubs from Homestar Runner.
Pretty cool!
Excellent work. I love how you used the eyebrows as bolts.
Wow! Great!
Great jorb!
Uncanny likeness. Very good.