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woa that's AWESOME!

dude, nice! it kinda looks like a bird a little bit though. still, it's great

too bad its fake.

HOLY CRAP! This is the best bowser ON THIS SITE!

dude, thats awesome! 5* and a bookmark!
nice :)
this is terrible
nice mii! but i dont get how people can say its bad if its of yourself
nice! i see people are using my blooper as a model!
lol! nice. i see people are using my blooper as a model!
HOLY ****!
Dude! Thats sick! 5*
nice! i modeled my bat after yours
dude, your cousins are so hot!!!
no offense to atkafighter, but i think mine is better.
with this one, it just has the oval for the snout..nose..thing.. mine has the snout nose thing, and it shows the cheeks
check out mine!
woa! nickard, that was a quick comment! i just posted this less than a minute ago!
u should see mine
i know it's cheating, but i used photoshop
fixed the name. again, sry for the pink.
uh... no..
the squid thing. its eyes.
oh. really?
what moustache? great job again dude!
another genious pixl from the genious nickard! great job man! 5* and a bookmark!
kewl! check out mine!
what, the color or the mii?
ya.. i tried, but it didn't seem 2 work
u should look at mine!
that's good! i agree with shakeandbake, just make it pink.
umm... no.
this is great! 5*... and u guys who r arguing and swaring, and g0ing l1ke thi$, listen to Jose, there are little kids on this site. im 12.
dude, check out mine!
...umm... i think it's kinda bad. sry
its pretty good. i thought she didn't have a nose? w/e

Check out mine!
woa..... nice man!
check out mine!
that is so kool! i booked it
this is pretty good. nice!
This fricken sucks!
i think's is better though.
i say it's pretty bad!. the hair isn't that bright, his face isn't that skinny, and the eyes r 2 big.
, but what's with the ghost? it looks odd... check out mine!
Nice mii! hey, i went back to dry dry desert to get whacka bumps so much, that i killed him, and couldn't get bumps anymore!