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I don't know...
FYI there was an animated series for 15 episodes.
Well, in this picture there are 90 miis. I made about 55 of them.
Yeah, I like seeing more of the "other" Star Trek characters, like my Seven of Nine!
I liked him better without the "headband", it showed his forehead more like the show.
Cool! I didn't think any one would do anybody but the main guys for Batman. Batman and Robin, maybe some of the villins and smaller heros, but not the "background"/support characters.
Yeah, I only have about 50 Miis in my Mii Parade, because I keep taking them out and sending them to my Mii Plaza.
You should checkout the one made by Digigibbs. Yours does look like a good older version, though.
It's great, but it reminds me of a bulldog.
It's a great Yoda. I can see why it won the 10,000 Mii contest for most correct guess. I still think it's true that turning it's skin green is a little bit of a cheat, since you can do it on the Wii. But it's nice all the same. Congradulations!!!
This Chuck looks too happy, but at least he has some life in him unlike others.
Nice touch with the beady eyes and the comb-over hair.
Nice, but this the most menacing Borat I've ever seen.
That look just like the worn-out old genius, but the hair doesn't seem right. I don't know, maybe it's not messy enough.
It looks like Drew but somethings missing. Hmm, maybe the fat we know and love.
She's got the make-up but not the chub.
How'd you make the mouth piece. Did you cheat and edit the photo?
Yeah baby! The Shag Man!
LOLOLOL! I love Mr. Bean! Or sould I say Miister Bean?
Her smirk looks more like a smile.
Woah! This Potter looks like a girl.
This Chuck looks a little old to me.
It's good for a laugh, and it is obvious you didn't use a Wii.
It's nice, but where's the thing in his mouth?
They're okay, but Elmo looks too scary and what's with the name "Muppets"?
Nice. It looks like your the first one with Obi-Wan.
This ones nice, but I like the other one better.
Great! I totally think this looks meaner, because of the eyebrows. I like this one better. 5 stars, that's one more for you.
Awesome! I agree with the creator.
"Nice Dudue!!! That's the best king I've ever seen!!! "
-Posted by Bong&Bleezy420
It's great! ToJust the eyes though, too bad you can make them yellow.
Nice! But where did the red come from?
Here's another InvalidRobot. Mr. Sin, what does he do to be so sinfull to have it in his name. He doesn't look too evil, but he does strangly remind me of that guy from Fable.
Now, this one! It it may deserve the name. At least he's worthy having "tron" in his name.
What's with naming all of your Miis InvalidRobot.
It's the back of the mouth/throat.
I was trying to make the eyes, nose, and mouth look like the openning to the throat of an anime character.
It's an awesome Mii, and thank for sending it to me.
Nice black armor.
Awesome! It's like a Hiwaiian God.
I love it! You're such a Mii artist!
Woah! That guy's got some big eyes! I never thought about using hair as something else but hair.
Cool! Very Creative.
So, you could just turn off the blue light in the settings under WiiConnect24.