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^Your kidding right?
My last post hopefully, I have better things to do then waste my stressful years of college on some mii site. This site has been great, I meet alot of people.

Thank you all, 51 is yours.
Honestly, I think I'm just going to leave this place. It's not worth it, it really isn't. I promised myself that my parents wouldn't end up like those people you see on Oprah and Dr. Phil whose kids were kidnapped by a child predator. I'm smart enough to know that this is not the time and the place. I'm better than arguing with some pedifile over dumb stuff that I know isn't right. It's just so sad to see what was once a wonderful place come down to pedifiles. It's very horrible. Justice will come to those one day, and I'll be on my way with a successful and happy life. Just a thanks to all those who were you know, there for me in my darkest hours, and to those who have defeated me, congrats, you got what you wanted, but your impending doom is just the beginning after the sun sets on your victory. For the record, I always was the brightest, and how much I fooled you all.

I'm not 14
I don't live in Pa.
I hate the Eagles.
The colts are my team.
I was Derrick and Matt J for those who know them.

And that my friend is the end of this chapter.

The secret uncovered

Thanks to all, and good bye. 7.24.07- 1.28.10
I need to leave this site, there is so pedifile on here, and I do not want to be stalked for all I know... good bye Gamercreated.
Pedifile Alert! Pedifile Alert! And don't you have anything better to do in your life then try to tell me who I am? Ha, pedifiles these days, they just have nothing better to do then stalk little boys on sites like these, not good, not good.
I act like a molestor?? Hahaha, wow.
ew Stalker! Why are you looking at my facebook!? Wow, I can see why you have a 2 star rep... It's no surprise however, after all it is you.
Great idea n8! He loves me so much that he blocked communications to me, what a day of firsts! :D
Agreed, and coming from someone who hates the Steelers, it was a great game. I live in Pa, closer to Philly then Pitt, so I've always been an Eagles fan. Last years Super Bowl was exicting, the Cards almost came back! Besides that Super Bowl, the last good one was back when the Pats played the Panthers, now that was an exciting Super Bowl!
And for the third time, I really don't care... and for the third time again, your not worth my time, and your ignorance will be your downfall.
Like I said chip tooth, your not worth my time and your ignorance will be your downfall.
So I submitted my message to Jose... I think it was very powerful and had a lot of meaning to it.

Hello Mr. Jose,

Do know remember what you told me on March 28th, 2008? It was clear and simple: "Take a more positive approach, and have a more mature attitude toward other users." What's today? January 26th, 2010? Almost 2 years! and I'm not going to lie to you, I still haven't followed up to what you said. But honestly Jose, you need me. I can do this. I look back at how foolish I was and how much I evolved over time. The last 3 years, grew up with this site. I've had my downfalls (some really bad) and my golden times, but that's all behind me now, theres no going back. The worst part is, is that I tell you this everytime, and I never change, and it's come back to haunt me. What I'm asking is that you get passed all this with me. It's a new decade. I'm new person. Today in the Coming Back/ Leaving Thread, chip tooth dissed me. I could have sparked an argument right there and started a huge controversy. But then I thought about it. Is it worth it? It's not about me becoming a mod, it has nothing to do with that. It's me becoming more friendlier and more appreciated on this site. These other users will tell you about there ways of stopping trolls and all this other crap that really isn't worth you time. You want a good strong foundation on this website, you can only get this with a good staff, such as someone like me. I can lead this site. Trust me, I have leadership and educational skills that you can rely on. I have logged on this website just about every day since July 24th, 2007. No one else who joined back then is still active. I've been active every single day. I think I deserve this, I can live up to the challenge! The difference between me and every other user is this: Everyone who wants to be a mod will tell you what they want to do, however I will tell you what I will do, and I will do is lead this website out of an era ruled by people who think they can do and say whatever they want. It won't work with me. If you give me the job, I promise, I will not disappoint you. You have my word. I hope you take consideration into this. Because I know I'm a long shot compared to other users who are signing up, but I will not disappoint. I can asure you that. You need to put this site in good hands. I will be those good hands. Thank you.


Dylan Morgan
Once again chip tooth you out of line, but it's you so that's no surprise. Honestly, I don't care if I'm a mod. I came here to post miis and have a good time, which is exactly what every member should be doing, but you seem to never let things go. It's as if you use memories of the past to back up your excuses. But really, why should I waste my time on even talking about you? Your not even worth it. Oh well.

And thanks $00pah, and um you know just because I say I'm 14 doesn't mean I'm 14, but it's cool.
I actually submitted a message to Jose about becoming a mod, then I relized I wasn't logged in, and really didn't feel like typing up another 10 minute essay explaining why I would make a good mod. I'm just taking my chances, ya know? You know how many times the oppurtunity has come up for being a moderator, and I didn't get it, ha... It doesn't make a difference though.

The only difference between me and everyone else who wants to mod is this: Everyone is go to tell Jose what they want to do. But what they should be saying is what they will do, which is exactly what I told him, if my letter got through.

It's cool, I'm just proud to be a profiled artist, now that I was working hard for, and I did it. This site is great, you get to meet so many great people, some not so great (chip tooth), and some who learn to accept others despite there differences, and that's why you have people who think they know more, but unfortunately for there sake, they don't. Now I bet your thinking that doesn't make any sense at all, but just think a little more...

Who is the last one standing? Me. Since July 24th, 2007 baby, and it keeps getting better. :)
I think it's going to be the first overtime Super Bowl. Saints win it the same way they beat the Vikings, 31- 28
I was so disappointed in the Jets. And I usually hate New York teams! But I liked the Jets. Either way I didn't really care who won the NFC game. I thinl Favre is done, he made a poor decision inthe last 7 seconds when he had the game all wrapped up and waiting in Miami, but it's Favre.. You love him or you hate him. As for the Saints, I hope they beat the Colts. As I said earlier, Manning is just overrated. I watched him against the Jets, and when he was losing he blamed it on everyone but himself, but when he was winning he took all the glory. I don't like the Colts. The Saints make there first Super Bowl apperance and I hope they win. Who Dat?
Bleh... The Jets threw the 2nd half away. They should have one that game. I knew when Favre was hit and had to be taken ff the field that it was over for the Vikings. It was a tough game. I just hope New Orleans can beat the Colts, I would be so happy. The Saints make there first Super Bowl Apperance, and the Colts make there 4th? I believe... Feb. 7th!
Probably ;)
In ten years, chip tooth will be in a mental institution, lol.
^hahaha n8, the best part is that your so true!

The aughts sucked.. i just hope the tens are better.
Self explainitory.
I hope there is a sequeal for District 9, it has potential.
Mod sign ups start today, this should be interesting.

@Star, eh not really. But whatever.

@Calpyso, District 9 was alright.
Hopefully his only term.
Okay, honestly I don't care. I don't like Manning. I think he is overrated. Why do you even care what I think? I'm allowed to have my own voice. MANNING IS OVERRATED... there. Throw all your little details and facts at me, but I still think he is the most overrated.
Eww, no that looked gay.
@star, then what amazing movies do you like then?
@calpyso, and yet, I still don't care. No offense, but i'm not changingmy opinion just because Peyton Manning has the potential to be a "Hall of Famer". I still think he's overrated, no matter what you guys say. You have it wrong. Peyton would be nothing without Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Marvin Harrison, Austin Collie.
And your point is...
I thought the Hangover was great!

I can't agree anymore. I thought I'd never see the day. I never thought I'd be saying this, and it might actually be true. Good bye dizzy boy! And never come back :D
Oh, and I don't know if they teach you this is England, but it's spelled woodworks, not woodwoorks. If your going to insults, atleast spell it right.

I always was happy here, and now, even much more, I don't have to see your ugly Dsi made avatar around here anymore, good bye, farewell. We will miss you!

@Redsoxfan, Of course. Peyton Manning is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL. Hands down. People act like he is the best quarterback there is, maybe for the Colts, but not in NFL. His passing rating is just as good as any other quarterbacks. Yet, when people think of the Colts, they think of the Peyton Manning. Manning is not even that great. He's *****y, and if you notice, he cares about himself. Once the offense begins to make mistakes, he blames it on everyone but himself. Manning doesn't deserve another Super Bowl appearence, he didn't deserve the win over the Bears in 07 either, but that's just me. You obviously just think I'm saying that because I don't like the Colts. I like the Colts, I just don't like Manning. It's funny, I don't hate the Giants either, I just hate Eli. Hate is such a strong word, but when it comes to something like this, it's only word I can use to describe how I feel about the Manning brothers. Peyton always cares about himself. Have you ever heard the saying, Theres no I in Team? Well, Manning doesn't comprehend that. They Colts would have been to atleast 2 more Super Bowls if Manning wasn't so selfish toward his team. Same thing goes to Eli. If Manning was more like Brady, then maybe I'd say he wasn't so overrated. But it's like people like the Colts only for Manning, and Manning is nothing without his wide recievers, or his running backs or his offensive line. They all make him look good. If he was the quarter back for the Rams or the Browns, would he be as great as he is now? NO. Peyton Manning relies on his team to make his job easy. He is underrated, *****y, selfish, I hope the New York Jets kick is A-S-S... If not it should be an interesting Super Bowl. But for now, Go Jets, and Go Vikings. Unlike the Colts, the Jets have a determined, non self centered quarterback, whose heart is going get them passed Indianapolis and to the next level.
So to all the Americans out there, what do you think of Obama's first year?

My personal opinon (Also my twitter update):

1 fast year, a little "Change", 2 fast years, a little more "Change", 3 fast years, some "Change", On the 4th fast year, Goodbye.

That was my little, phrase of the day, today. I'm probably going to want to become part of the G.O.P when I get older. I'll be able to vote in time for the next election, most likely not for Obama. It's not that I don't like him, it's just, all I hear are excuses, and very little is being done. I was very happy to hear Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat went to a Republican yesturday.

Your thoughts below?
@dizzy boy, I told you pretty much the exact words a month, must I say them again? People like you amaze me. Ha.
No, Safari is definitely the best browser if running on a Mac, First off, on Macs you can't viruses, especially Safari. So it beats Firefox in safety. And Safari uploads pages within a millisecond. So it beats Firefox in speed, sorry. And if you ask a group of 10 people, only 1 or 2 are going to know what exactly Google Chrome is. It was released in September 2008, and yet, it really hasn't achieved the credibility other browsers have. It's just another browser. There pretty much all the same, unless you have Safari of course.
T4, was excellent. Maybe it's because it was the first Terminator movie I ever saw. But I thought it was great, had a good plot, and a well executed ending.

Paranormal Activity was great. I believed that movie was released in Euro a few years back, well here in the USA, it came out in October, and it wasn't what I expected, but it was good.

Knowing wasn't on here, so I'll add that, it was great.

Final Destination 4, was bleh.

Halloween 2, I want to see!

Wolverine, was a very good prequel.

The Blind Side, was incredible.

New Moon was okay, I'm not really a fan of Twilight, but I my friends dragged me into it.

I didn't even bother seeing, This is It, I can't stand Micheal Jackson.

Thats it.
@calpyso, Sorry for the misunderstanding. By the way, you can just call me Dylan, my user name is about to be changed back to the way it was 2 months ago.

@signor, No worries, I knew you are from a different country, so where ever you live, your football is our soccer, your football, is our soccer. Football in America is much more different then your football.

@Supah, chill he made a mistake, don't blame others for your ignorance.
@calpyso, I don't think you even know what your talking about. I play football myself, and individual positions don't win the game, the team itself wins the game. You can throw as many statistics as you want, but from my perspective, the Minnesota vikings and the New Orleans Saints are equally matched. From there special teams to there field goal unit, both teams are equal. The team that is less determined and more intimidated will lose. It will be a close game. Both teams beat there opponents by 31 points in the divisional round.

@$oopah, dude, do you mind minimizing your username a little, I mean really, and aren't you like 9? Haha, it's ok. Dallas cheerleaders are *snip*, besides, Dallas has enough cheerleaders on the field anyway.

Haha I'm so funny, because I'm using the sarcasm button.

Safari is definitely the best browser out there, Firefox and Internet Explorer are okay, but they come close to the speed and quality you get with Safari. Well I guess that's easy for me to say since I have a Mac, because when I went from Vista to Snow Leopard, I was like whoaa this is fast, good bye PC. Google Chrome is an uprising and developing system. Google has come a long way, but Google Chrome isn't very popular considering how new it is. Any other browser such as opera, ect... Doesn't come close to Safari, I don't think I.E and Firefox still don't come close to Safari.
Whoever wins, it won't be much of an upset considering both teams are pretty equally matched.
wow, I hope you know I am talking about American Football
It started with 12 teams, and now it's down to 4. The Eagles, Packers, Cardninals, Cowboys, Patriots, Bengals, Ravens, and Chargers all had their oppurtunity. Now it's the Indianapolis Colts Vs. the New York Jets in the AFC Championship, and the New Orleans Saints Vs. the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship. The winner of each game will find themselves in the biggest sporting event of the year, of America's greatest sport: Super Bowl XLIV (44). For all those football fans out there like me, who would you like to see in Miami on February 7th?

From the beginning, I said the Jets and Vikings, and that's who I'm sticking with. Both teams deserve it. The Vikings made 4 Super Bowl appearences 3 decades ago, and lost each one. There determination got them to this point, and their heart conquered the Dallas Cowboys today. The Minnesota Vikings wouldn't be anywhere without Brett Farve, and he is playing his best season ever, and possibly his last season.

The Saints and Colts are competetion, but let's be real, Peyton Manning is overrated, hands down. New Orelans has never made a Super Bowl appearence, but they've gotten lucky lately. It should be a great Super Bowl. I'm happy as long as the Colts don't make it to the Super Bowl.

Post your opinons/ predictions below.
January 15th... Yup, its January 15th, and tomorrow is Saturday.
^^ Absolutly right Star, I'm glad you saw it my way.
The title sounds boring.
I don't even think I've heard of the movie "A Serious Man", sounds boring. Avatar was good, but it was too predictable.
Nope, it's wrong. 12.21.12