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hey Bobby bobby, it's me, MUSHroom HeaD. can you send me indy over to my wii? you already have my wii number. so can ya? please? i'm a big, BIG fan of Indiana Jones!

Smooth move. Everybody loves this guy for making the website.
is this a game? or real life?
woohoo! resident evil!!!!
hey m3tr0id, remember me? MUSHroom HeaD? Try to add me in your wii now. i'm finally ready.
what type of tweaking? i'm sure i can try to change it.
i don't know. because i liked it. also, the one difference between his and mine is that i changed the size of a few of his face parts. also, i changed the hair a different color. even though you can't tell, if i ever sent it to someone. (which i already have) they would see it too.
that's a cool spider-man. why don't you look at mine? i have tons of miis to show.
how the heck do you make the screen tilt!?
hey, this is pretty good. i gotta learn how to make this. can ya teach me the steps?
hey, i just copied it from bobby bobby. i thought it was pretty cool.
guys!!! i know what ganon looks like in twilight. also, he probably will be in SSBB. you can't have a link and zelda without ganon.
nice one!!! what would it look like if you colored the hair gray?
yay!!! blazer! you DID comment my mii!!! thank you!
hey! thanks Bobby! coming from you, that's a big compliment!
pretty good. hey megaman0011. can you check any of my mii's and leave any nice comments for me?
seriously!? whoa!!! why didn't i see that before? hey Bobby. who's the next person you'll make?
thanks bobby!
Hey! Bobby Bobby! check out the kirby i have! : )
hey, how exactly do you take the picture perfectly? everytime i use my camera, it always comes out wrong. am i supposed to use a cell phone to take the picture?
yeah, that does make sense. but how did you make the black lines on the bottom of shieks chin? if you used a beared. which one?
bobby, i know your alright with people copying you. but it just wasn't fair! YOU deserved to have bowser in nintendo power. it should have been YOUR bowser.
one question. did you make shiek a woman or a man? this question is always confusing me.
your right... but what's the bottom part of his face for? did you need it in order to make him?
yes it does. oh, by the way. expect me to ask you how to make a bunch more people. YOU ARE GOOD!
dude, i don't think i'm ever gonna be as good as you.
actully the eyebrows for ears is a great idea. just that you have one simple mistake bobby. no offense, but i don't think your link needs the wrinkles on the cheeks. if they aren't called wrinkles then i just don't think you need them.
you did awesome! but i think you should turn the eyes brown. good work though.
bobby, you seriousley need to tell me how you get the ideas to make it like this. you have so much imagination. i'm just a kid, and i can't come up with any ideas! how do you do it!?
you should have made him bald. but it's still alright.
dude you have to tell me how you made this. tell me everything!!! i love robo cop!!!
the things on top of his eyes are eyebrows right?
oh my god! that is so easy to make! why didn't i think of that!? good work bobby. you should try to make a Gundam.
yeah i know! i want to know the secret of the mask too!
can you give us the steps on how to make him?
why isn't this a real mii?
didn't this get copied in the nintendo ppower magazine?
ok, spill the beans. how in gods name did you make vader?! tell me all the detail. i've been hoping to make a darth vader since i got my wii!
this is actully the first ichigo that's closest to the real thing. nice job! : )
hey guys! has anyone niticed the drawing of rock lee? his hair doo has this white stuff right? if you look at it closeley, it says "NIN". which stands for ninja.
heyyyyy. this actully looks like micheal jackson. his stupid glasses, gay face, THAT'S HIM! GOOD JOB!
hey Britt. i like the idea with his hair.
yeah! just keep the rude thoughts to yourself! by the way, Jay-High. i like your DK. i made mine out of yours. just that the eyebrows are on a different spot.:)
i like the ideas you put on this link.
how did you do the body?
how the heck did you make the mustache!? i just can't figure it out!