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Just wondering because I will actually be doing this. How much (on estimate) do you guys think I could make selling:


Madden 09

Madden 08


Mario Strikers Charged

Battalion Wars 2

Thanks for any help.


We'll, just stopping in. Sorry I didn't go on in a week or so. The start of 8th Grade's been very crazy.

Why was a 3rd one made? 

I left just days before that, that's how long I was gone.

When I left:

*Derreck and MattJ. were some of the best users here.

*The new site wasn't here.

*Mario Kart hadn't been released.

*School was in session.

I'll brawl sometime BSB but I'm not sure when I deleted a lot of my memory a while back because my Wii was messed up and froze daily. So I lost everything but I'll start up again soon.

I'm back from being gone for like 6 months. 7. I don't know.

Derreck commit suicide?


Hello guys. I'm back. I'm sorry I was gone so long it's a long story I don't feel like explaining right now. But I've been talking with Dizzy boy for a couple days and I decided to come back. So fill me in, I'm sure enough has happened.

My favorite stage is probably Smashville or Delfino Plaza. Or maybe The Summit? Mushroomy Kingdom. There's so many good ones.
So you were in my state for a while eh, MTL? Anyways, I forgot about this, but I had most my appliances off last night. That counts. :D
I'm sorry dude I was out today and completely forgot.
I believe for one reason. My dreams have predicted the future before. I can't blame Josean for not believing it right yet, but I feel as though I have to.
Awww s*** guys I'm sorry, especially FireFox. I had soccer camp all day.
Quote I am An Overweight Waffle:
Well we need a new potential brawl mod now that derreck died...
I would do it, since I seldom check these other Boards out anymore.
As brainiac stated, it's racism you mean, right? And yes, it affects much so.
Quote irv1ne mains lucas:
1.cpt olimar



4. Jiggs

5. Ray Mk III

you didnt ask for mains just my favorite characters and truthfully i only use lucas competitively, its a whole bunch of fun wit Olimar though especially playing online with anyone
But he did ask for characters and Shadow and Ray MK II aren't.
1. Lucas
2. Wolf
3. Ike
4. Pit
5. Luigi
Quote brainiac2:
What song does KK rider preform at his concert?
The Devil Went Down to ACWW.
Yay for Lucas!
Quote Goobuoojuice:
other consoles forum!!!!!!! u NOOB! XD
This was originally in the Wii Forums.
Time to start saving like a Mad Man.
We have Sonic somewhere.
Quote Josean:
Quote {$lil Lucky$}:
Wen I 1st Got Mine It Does Dat Az Well (Still Does Az We Speak) I Usually Put It N Repeatedly Til U Hear It Reads Tha Disk. Usually Every Game Disk Does Dat (360/PS3/Wii/etc) Cuz Itz New And Too Clean 4 Tha Console 2 Read It. My Brother Puts Fingerprints On His Devil May Cry 4 Disk Wen It Wazn't Work'n 4 Hiz Wen He Got Tha Game lol. U Can Do One Of Tha Followings. Fingerprint Tha Game A lil 2 B Read Or Repeatedly Put It N Tha Console. PM Me If U Still Hav Problems iight. I'll Do Watever I Can 2 Help Out And I'll See U Online Wen U Get Tha Chance ^_^ what?
Here, Josean: When I first got it did this is as well (still does as we speak) I usually put it in repeatedly until the Wii reads the disc. Usually every game does that (Wii/360/PS3/etc) because it's new and too clean for the console to read. My brother put fingerprints on Devil May Cry 4 when it wasn't working when he first got it lol. you can do one of the followings. Fingerprint the game a little until it is read or repeatedly put it in. PM me if you still have problems, alright? I'll do whatever I can too help out and see you Online when you get the chance. ^_^
"New good Pokemon wii game (like an adventure, not just battle after battle)" You know what? We really do. I think the little hand-held adventures we've come to know and love would be so much more fun on the Wii than DS.
It was a tie between these three. I can't remember which came first.
Doesn't happen to me, but then again, I seldom go on With Anyone. Maybe that has to do with it.
I'm adding:


Name: J-boy
FC: On my Games Page

See you on the BattleField.
He is my Main! Well, he's one of them. I have like 14 Mains so yeah.
These people have until Friday to add me:


I talked to Lucky and DSIDE, it's just these three now.
Probably Andross, Lyn, or the Motocross Guys.
Quote brainiac2:
AM or PM? Because for me that's 8:00, and I'll probably be at dinner.
Same. Or out with friends.
Quote FOB:
lol no silly..i meant time line like from what time to what time is the actual tournament!
Oh! Sorry, I think Waffle is still planning.
On the contraire, while I originally thought Ness and Lucas' FS would suck, it's actually really good! It's more of a gamble because you'll either nail your opponent or miss 'em.
Yeah we do MTL! Today, it was the decision between cherry ice-pops and strawberry ones. -.-
Quote Josean:
I'm tired.
Me 4, err uhh... I mean 3.
Hmm, I don't really like any, but I guess it'd be:

Oh yeah, never mind then. ^.^
Idk what you mean by timeline, FOB. Do you mean a deadline? If so, yes, you need a partner by Thursday.
Quote MTL:
WoW...this is an interesting thread but I'm a little hesitant to research it due to crude sites that might pop up lol

Maybe I'll take a stab at it later...

You'll never know... but uhh, there are little kids here, Derreck. Smart and thought out well, but young users don't need this yet. Especially people like Jerry and Max.
Quote MTL:
Fun to play but I hate watching it. My dad watches every game he can, italian, german, english etc...he's a soccer fanboy
Gotta agree with you there, I can't sit still long, so watching things is boring. But playing sports is beast.
Polysics, what I said was actually being personal. I just meant soccer is way underrated and actually a lot of fun.
It'd be cool. And "soccer" is the #2 best sport ever only to our American football.
123456789 Now I learned my ABC's next time... run!
I did!!!!!! Blue Rescue Team, was abnormally addictive.
Even on a small course ROB's is pretty weak, especially if you play with good jumpers.
This is pretty perfect, but they're missing someone. (;
Quote -------------:
My Dad's gives Me 20 Seconds tops.
I don't understand that with some cameras. Why is the video option there if you can record a few seconds, tops?
Quote Demon:
SOme guy taped me losing badly to him, Im zelda
Is that song by Billy Talent? Btw, I'll try and get a vid up. My camera, is about as bad as they come, and gives me about 40 seconds of shooting time.
Nope, it's this Saturday.