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How is this deepercut?

Riddler, probably. And NO JOKER!!! It really pisses me off that they just left him hanging, he's such a great villain and he certainly can't be imprisoned. Batman can't kill him, sure, but I was really hoping he would cut his own binds, fall to his death of his own wanting, and two-face would be the NEXT movie's villain. Instead they killed two-face off and left joker to hang.

I felt it. Not very bad, but still, most earthquakes happen while I'm asleep.

Piikachu and Dedededededededededede.

what is that below the sunglasses?


spore. but what's wario land shake?

I'll be visiting portland and seattle soon, tell you how they are. 

How long have you not been watching for? They've been gradually making these changes. Foster's is still on, but the rest of those are gone. Now we've got chowder, whcich is pretty good, and a bunch of bad shows: the marvelous misadventures of Flapjack, total drama island, chop socky chooks, and george of the jungle. Miguzi's been around for a while, dunno when they got rid of toonami. And I have no idea what you mean by the logo.

About time. Let's hope we get a second one.

I'll be gone for a week. be back 4th of july.

Change the mouth and rename it iron monger.

alright then, no to the internet. Things I'm considering: Kirby's adventure, Pokemon snap, Pokemon puzzle league, Kirby and the crystal shards, pokemon ranch. Anything else that's REALLY good?

I currently don't have anything. Another question: should I buy internet?

I'm not sure about that game. Is it really worth 1000 wii points?
And I'm not sure how to spend them. Any suggestions? I think I'd like a kirby or pokemon game.

I've always thought the take on me video was wierd, but that's definitely not the worst. It's just the only one that comes to mind.

mii the winner!

I think Bowser should be called "koopa".

^ what's stuff?

< Bored now

V enjoying summer?

don't stop me now

ra ra ra....

Well, all of this happened in 10 seconds, so now I'm done running around. I riddle you all with bullets! 

i can typpe!

(typed with toes)

Miss tayee is a alien!




Brian VS Santa's little helper?



I've always thought that concur sounds like a negative word.



7   9   2


Perfect birthday party or Christmas miracle?

cookies? Elvis? Children?

^ yay mr. saturn!

< watchin childish cartoons.

V do you like cartoons?


Speculation is stupid!(in the style of derreck)

so he killed himself...

Never herd of it. What is this "monster rancher" anyway? You certainly haven't told me about 100 times. 

Derreck, I'd say this is WAY more likely than a new SSB anytime soon. Sure, these ones might have been fake, but I still think nintendo might come out with this. Personally, I can't see why you hate speculation so much.

"FireRed & LeafGreen are the Exception.

What I meant is, It isn't blatantly obvious like in These Titles."

This isn't a remake game like yellow, crystal, emerald, and platinum. This is a remake game like firered and leafgreen of a previous generation. And FYI, Generation 1 and 3 happen at the same time, and generation 2 and 4 happen at the same time. I think this is very possible.

"Pokemon Remakes NEVER have the Name of the Original Game in Their Title."

Uh, firered and leafgreen?

Here's a video with pictures:

And Here''s a video against that video:
I hope it's true. I've been waiting for them to remake those games.

Yay drunken hobos!

nonsense. Well, ganon is worse than toon link, but falco, wolf, and lucas are clearly clones. As a general rule, if they have the same final smash, they're clones, ganon not included.

Lugi's not a clone, Falco and Wolf are. I say Falco is the worst because wolf is pretty different from fox but falco isn't, and that make 3 foxes. I say he should be gone.

^ is not the winner!