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Hi Im back most people probably wont remember me though I've been gone since around June!
Hey! I'm back!

I love iPhones a lot. Seriously awesome gadgets.


If one series had a game on Wii, which one would you want?

I would love an Elite Beat Agents on Wii.

I would buy GH:WT, but it is just to expensive.

Why do you think Bobby has dropped off? He might be the best mii artist I have ever seen.

Congratz to cel!! Awesome job making it that far TIP. Amazing Contest B1LL!

You're Back...

Oh and Dead, you have to change your "Random Sox News".

World Series Currently 1-1. Tonight: Game 3 at Philadelphia.

The 23rd of December. Will turn 12 on that day.

HaHa.. Cool! 5*

Hmmmm.. I don't think it fits the site. The site is about Miis, not really games.

Discuss The MLB here!

First: Who will win the World Series (Phillies vs. Rays) and who are you rooting for?

Sup everyone! I'm back! Didn't have any time to come here with school and stuff.. But hi to all! 

Congratz Red! Wow! 5000!!! I could never dream of getting that much.

Cool. Really, really creative! 5.

Wooooow....freaky. Really, really freaky.

Amazing! You can really do animal miis! 5d and bookmarked.

Funny! I think he's shorter than my 3 year old cousin! Great job!

Haha, great! Captured the expression in the picture! 5d.

Great! Love what you did with the eyes.

Woah!! One of my favorites all-time! Briliant!

HaHa! Perfect! Best yet, TIP. 5d and Bookmarked.

Aaahh!! Too tough! I have to go with Animal Crossing. Looks great! Oh, and Mario Super Sluggers has already been released on August 25.

RedSoxFan hits the nail on the head with every mii! Especially love this one. He captured the facial expression!

Love Andy's creations. Genius!! Reminds me of how much he HAS to be profiled.

Just the Hall Of Fame to the Greatest Mii Artist Of All-Time.

Will Bobby ever make a bad mii?? 5.


Love so much!


Thanks. congrats on the 3000 too. (Maybe I'll get that in four years..)

Nice. Once you really look at it, it looks a lot like a penguin. 5 Stars.

Ohhh, NOW I get it. I didn't know where the feet were. Great Mii. Now I'll 5 it.

Hmmm, well, not as good as Toon&Anime's,  but I don't understand. Is that nose supposed to be the mouth? If so, you should make it a little smaller.

Nice B1LL! Commented on Mario and the first penguin (one with the hat) All 5s!

Wow, perfect!! Knew it was him right when I saw it.

Very original design! 5.

Terrific! Bad Show, Amazing Mii.

Yay! I have reached 400 posts.

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lol! Just very funny for some reason. Love it.

Wow.  Never thought anyone could do it that well. 5s


Oh, God, I don't know!!


Same here. I have done so many stupid things, I can't choose one.

Shouldn't Gabe be banned by now?

Yes, very popular here, but boys do it as well! Just, uh, not me.

^Why not?



I'm also agreeing with Red for the most part, but BrainWolf isn't very active, and don't forget Stinkoman!

Not Not Incorrect.