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Watch my 8 bit FMX level being played.
3EDC-0000-006C-E582 - Pirates Booty
EEB8-0000-006C-E4CE - Parkour Party
37A9-0000-006C-E613 - Mario Pinball
85BZ-0000-006C-E690 - Don't shoot the messanger
5DB8-0000-006C-E6F9 - Super Mario Maker Olympics
C727-0000-006C-E762 - Jggling bad guys
04A5-0000-006C-E879 - Break the bank
B0A2-0000-006C-E8E9 - Swings and Round-a-bouts
E838-0000-006C-EB7E - In the pool
922A-0000-006C-EC31 - Mario Maker super rush
Anyone getting this on friday?
I can't wait. I may just have to download it at midnight.

@Jose Nintendo, if your still interested in adding to this site, is there any chance we could have place to add our Mario Maker codes and for us to vote and comment on them.
It would be nice to get traffic flowing through here again.
and this

yes, this really happened
Post up your NNID if you want to recieve friend requests from other gamercreated members.
Mine is Dr_Dizzy
Due to the recent WiiU update we can now take screen shots of games and upload them onto the internet. With this in mind, would it be worth adding something to utalise this, and hope to get traffic flowing through here again.
I know we can upload the screen shots into the images section, but with the sketchpad app out on the eshop, it could be good opportunity to use this.
This is from Injustice, gods among us. Also, can it be moved into my images section, I accidentily loaded it into the mii's sectio
@celery tatsunoko vs capcom is quite possibly one of the finest cross over fighters going, regardless of the relatively unknown cast of anime characters that are included.
besides, you're not missing much where karas' anime is concerned, it's a bit difficult to follow but the fight scenes are quite a spectacle throughout the series.
if pinocchio`s nose grows when he lies, but doesn`t grow when he tells the truth. what would happen if he said this, "my nose is about to grow".
nintendo have started selling retail games through the eshop. what are your thoughts on this?
so far, NSMB2 has seen most of the controversy on other forums because of the high selling price at £40.
tbh, i think it`s justified as people can buy a physical copy from the shops for £35, and some online retailers for £30,
tbh, it`s obvious that a physical copy going from production line to the consumer would cost more money than providing a host server to sell the game digitaly. so i don`t see how nintendo can justify the higher selling price through the eshop.
the flip side is that nintendo sets the rrp/srp on games and retailers don`t have to follow them. so, with nintendo posting NSMB2 at £40, they wouldn`t be in direct competition with retairs, so it gives retailers a chances to sell their stock and not feel cheated out of sales by being undercut by nintendo.
the other thing is that with buying digital copys of a retail game would be easier with not having to deal with cartridges, and having boxes cluttering up your shelf space.
but, with having a physical copy of a game, if you don`t like it or have finished a game and don`t want it anymore you can trade it in for a new one. where as you`re stuck with digital copies and can`t sell them on.
homebrew rhymes with you, screw, drew, too.
have you got the krypton factor?
ok, i know the rules about posting multiple times in a thread, but i think it better to bump this rather than posting a whole new topic about the recent update.
basicly, nintendo have updated letter box/swap note via the eshop. they`ve added new colours to the ink.
the problem is, you can only use one colour of ink for each letter that you send.
once you`ve downloaded the update all you need to do is tap left or right to on the d-pad to change the colour, it`s probably better to write your note first before you decide the colour that you want.
i wasn`t a fan of the last one, so i doubt i`ll get this.
i have noticed that nintendo has released a free digital card swap app in the eshop. it`s probably an attempt to boost sales because the official london 2012 olympics game is due out soon.
the list has been updated and everybody on my 3DS friends list has been sent the new stationery.
anybody who needs any of the new stationery listed above, please let me know, i`ll be happy to add you and mail out what you need.
with the wii u lainch only a few months away, nintendo had better pull off something spectacular where games are concerned.
i`m just worried that launch day will end up being similar to that of the 3DS, with very little variety to choose from.
i just hope nintendo can prove me wrong.
the miiverse and the online community thing looks cool.
i don`t particularly like the wii u controller pro they showed, that looks like an XBOX 360 controller.
tbh, i don`t really know why, but this gen, the games don`t have quite have the same replay value, or the want to actually finish them either.
it`s like the graphics improved while gameplay in most cases took a dive.
the other thing aswell is that i find myself playing games online far more than ofline. which is something nintendo really needs to improve on with the wii u capabilities.
i`ll probably wait and see what games come out for the wii u, it`s gonna take alot to get me interested.
i just hope the 3DS isn`t anything to go by as it`s been a bit underwhelming for me so far.
@jose i suggest that you borrow kid icarus first if you can, you may want to have a good play through first before buying it.
most of the reviews that i`ve read complain about the controll system, which i think is totally justified as the control system is horrible and lets the game down.
the other annoying aspect is that you can`t use the AR cards unless you own the game.
E3 is coming up again soon, I wonder what news will come up surrounding the WiiU. most of all i want to know which of the rumours are true about the WiiU hardware specs, is it or isn`t it going to be better than current PS3 and Xbox360 tech.
Also, I`m going to the MCM expo at Excel exhibition centre in 2 weeks time. that`s normaly good fun to go to, plenty of sci-fi, anime, and video game goodness will be there, plus FWA wrestling usually turns up to each event. it maybe a bit cheesy, but i enjoy watching them throw each other about, wrestling is always better to watch live.
there`s eurogamer in september aswell, that`s being held at earls court. there are rumours that nintendo are showing the WiiU there aswell, so i`m hoping that`s true and that I`m able to get a few minuets of play time with it.
hopefully, the 2 events that I`m going too will provide plenty of street pass hits aswell, i just need 6 more pieces for the mario tennis puzzle swap pannel, and i`ll be mega happy if i can get the 100 mii`s in a day achievement too.
This is the moment when Aladdin realises Genies lamp makes a]perfect bong.
it is a bit easy, the only thing that saves the game is the getting all of the gold coins if your a you`re a completionist.
^^^ file picture from tikipedia
how well are you guys progressing through the puzzle swap feature on the 3DS?
i went to a kid icarus uprising event in london on saturday and managed to get about 50 street pass hits, which was really helpfull as it helped me to finish 3 panels and make a dent in the newer ones.
with the upcoming MCM expo in may (an anime, video game expo), hopefully i should be able to clear off quite a few more of the pink pieces.
This is the thread to discuss the current, and any future 3DS updates.
Todays update includes creating folders on the home page and an eshop update.
Have you guys downloaded it yet? And what do you think of it?
there`s a new stationery piece available.
it`s for some chip tune band called "I fight dragons".
i`ve never heard of them, but i suppose having things like having 3DS stationery made will help promote the band, in name atleast.
ok, they`re on their way.
make sure they`ve been saved before you delete the messages.
@eben i`m sure i`ve sent you all of them.
tell me what ones you`re missing, and i`ll send them over.
what do you guys think of the new swap note stationery that`s been handed out recently?
i`m glad as it`s made a nice addition to the line up that was originally available.
also, half of the original ones seemed to be winter themed. which are nice, but i didn`t really give much option on anything else.
i`ve already sent out the new stationery to some of the guys here.
if anybody else wants to swap 3DS friend codes, make a request below. either myself, or another forum member will be happy to add you in and mail out the new stationery.
the current list of new stationery is listed below. also, some will have either v.(plus a number) or a country named next to them because there maybe more than 1 version of that stationery.

nintendo direct europe v.1
nintendo direct europe v.2
nintendo direct japan v.1
nintendo direct japan v.2
nintendo direct USA
monster hunter v.1
monster hunter v.2
monster hunter v.3
legend of zelda
fuji tv (gx game center)
valentines day
japan new years day
i fight dragons
dragon quest (TSUTAYA DS) v.1
dragon quest v.2
art acadamy (US mothersday)
mario tennis v.1
mario tennis v.2
New super mario bros 2 v.1
New super mario bros 2 v.2
New super mario bros 2 v 3
New super mario bros 2 v 4
super mario 3D land
paper mario sticker star
E3 promo
culdcept (an rpg game)
palm tree postcard
sonic and mario olympics 2012
bravely default
fire emblam; awakening
pokemon black and white 2 v.1
pokemon black and white 2 v.2
pokemon black and white 2 v.3
denpa men
WiiU (non nintendo direct)
@celery well, dylan and his band of trolls have abandoned us, which is only a good thing really. not that he was ever wanted here tbh.
it`s just a shame some of the cool people don`t come back and make things lively again.
i kind of miss the days of hanging out here with a bunch of nutty misfits to chat with.
if any of those guys read this, come back, WE MISS YOU.
just orderd 2 sets of 12 recently, plus i`ll be buying the next issue of Official Nintendo Magazine on april 5th, aparantly they`re giving away a set of exclusive kid icurus AR cards you can`t get from club nintendo.
absent abriviations absolutely and absurdly abondons anything amounting any affiliations amongst attractive absailing actors actively aligning abroud.
here i`m going to list some of the things that i`ve found out about using my 3DS. some are commonly known, others maybe not so well known.
you can also add your own tips if i haven`t mentioned them in the comments below.
please don`t say that something is obvious and everybody knows it. the point is that not everybody does, and are appreciative of finding these out.

1. on the home menu, if you hold your stylus over an icon (eg settings), the icon will raise slightly and you can move the icon to what ever place you wish, including moving it onto the next page of icons. where ever you place that icon, it will swap automaticly with the icon that is there.
2. in the mii plaza of the mii channel, you can tap on a mii`s name and it will tell you who created that mii, but only if the person who created the mii adds their name in the options.
3. play coins are limited to 10 coins per day, if you don`t fancy going out for a walk you can obtain these by simply putting your 3DS in sleep mode and shake it in a rocking motion to simulate the walking effect.
4. you can also collect more than 10 coins in one day by changing the date in the 3DS settings.
5. sometimes you may recieve time stamped messages on swapnote/letter box. these can easily be opened on the day that you receive them. this is another one where all you need to do is change the date in the 3DS settings by putting the date in advance of when you are supposed to be able to open the letter.
time stamped letters can have upto week on them before they can be opened, i suggest putting the date 1 year ahead so that your not messing around too much. then go back to your messages and open up the time stamped letter. remember to return the date back to the correct day if you do this or the one above.
6. you can download pictures from the 3DS web browser by placing your stylus on to a picture that you like. once you see a small black square appear on the screen where your stylus is touching, lift your stylus from the screen, the picture will move to the top screen and you will be prompted to save the picture. sometimes pictures might not be able to be saved, but should do in most cases.
7. you can upload your photo`s and pictures from your 3DS as profile images on many web sites where you are prompted to do so, usualy in the sites profile settings. you can also save pictures and photos if a site provides the service to do so, just like here at or on your photo abulm if you have account.
8. in the 3DS sound app, experement with saying different words as they sound like other words when you play them in reverse. here`s a good example to try. record yourself saying this, "funny face safe enough" and then put it in reverse.
there is new stationery available for swap note. i`ve already sent them to people here that are on my 3DS friends list.
if you have a 3DS and need the 7 new stationery notes sent to 3DS, send me a message and we can swap friend codes for me to mail out the new stationery.
@N8bit totaly agreed on the communities.
i suppose it`s not so bad if you have a large group of friends who play regularly or if you join a community of some random nintendo website that has set one up.
but in small numbers it`s pretty pointless. i`ve certainly tried getting some up and running without much (if any) success. just look at my last post in this thread, i`ve not seen anybody use them since my friend set them up, and i`ve posted the codes on various sites to try and promote them.
i suppose that with a small community such as ours here at gamercreated, it`s bit hard to get something sorted as most of us are fragmented in different countries and timezones, plus everybody has different commitments to fill, so getting a time where we can all get the chance to play together is pretty slim.
i would have prefered the ability to send time trial ghosts like the wii version, i learned alot from the ability to recieve time trial ghosts on mario kart wii as did others that i sent them too.
i just think sending time trials would have been a great alternative to racing online with mario kart 7 if we couldn`t play against each other on a regular basis.
i saw these last year and enjoyed them all.
real steel
the inbetweeners movie
the adventures of tintin
unfortunately, yes, the 3ds is region locked.
Mr Driller is the winner of a pot of paint thinner.
He`d be wise in my eyes to go and collect his prize.
So, better not delay and do it today before the crowd starts to stray.
@N8bit, can you go to the 3DS friend codes thread and add me in please.
i would like to go on record as saying "blah blah blah, bleep de bleep" during the month of sundays.
this should then cause enough effective usefull cures for naughtytreeboneathonitis of the cherrytropicalnanamoonyamum in the left ventilated upper right ear.
and for extra healing power it must be looked at through a shooting glass, served with coconut rum mixed with cointreau and baileys aptly applied to a sweet dish of honeycomb burst ice cream.
i`ve added anthony, celery, dark icurus, LOW and N8bit so far.
my code is 2492-4742-9380, can you guys add back please. also pm me if you want to swap codes.
here`s some communities for everybody to add.
23-2014-1468-4516 100cc, all items
46-4285-9658-5691 150cc, no items
14-5556-4551-4625 ballon battle, all items
48-8423-6976-5859 coin battle, all items
tbh, it`s not just the console that needs to deliver the goods, nintendo themselves need to show alot more support for the 3rd parties.
thier arrogance may have gone over in the nes and snes days, but it`s wearing thin now.
i really would love to see some of the best 3rd party games get a home on the wii u instead of them getting dumbed down or never seein the light of day like the wii.
we need to see how the final build of the wii u goes. i just hope it gives everybody what they want. everybody from the devs to the gamers.
@kg. hope you enjoyed your time over here?
i`ll bet you never met a single cor blimey guv`nor *****ney in the entire time you were in london. the bed knobs and broomsticks london doesn`t exist anymore, london accents are closer to what you`ll hear in the films lock, stock and two smoking barrels or snatch.
you should have messaged me. i live south side london, about half an hour drive from wimbledon. we could have met up. maybe next time if you hop over the pond again.
it`s nice getting away from the everyday norm for a while. but, i will agree, it`s always good to get back home. especially to one`s own bed.

my cat is called penny
@eben i know you`ve got an xbox360, check out goldeneye reloaded.
as much as i love golden eye on the wii, it`s full of bugs that never got squished. so i hope for reloaded that it`s all been sorted.
from what i`ve seen, reloaded does look very good. if you have goldeneye, then join us here.
@KG keep away from london for the next couple of weeks. the riots are getting out of hand here.
croydon and sutton town centres are the main hotspots tonight. and i live part way between the two. both towns are half hour apart by car.
news also suggest birmingham has riots too.
check youtube for "peckham riots" and go from there.