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I got one! I was going to post a Wii U Friend List topic but it appears this site is dead in activity so I would get few responses. Anyways I like the Wii U not love it ... yet but Im sure in time it will be a great system on its own. Lets get the bad out of the way. Load times are long compared to the other systems out there to get to MiiVerse, Friends List, waiting for your disc game to load. Not Skyrim long or anything like that but you would think a new system runs faster and smoother than current systems but the fact is it doesn't but Im sure in the future Nintendo will update the system and things will load faster over time. Another item.. GamePad battery life. I've been playing COD Black Ops II and just a few hours into it the GP has to be charged it lasts 3 hours but even shorter with rumble and brightness on 5 to see the GP any good. The system kind of feels untweaked and rushed a little like Nintendo TVii missing and load times but as time goes on Nintendo will put more time into the system but right now these are the problems. Good things. First of all a Nintendo system in HD is awesome and a long time coming. The GamePad brings a new dimension to gaming and has a ton of possibility and I think it can bring back local multiplayer again as well enhance single or online multiplayer. For example its awesome turning off the TV or changing the channel and having Black Ops running fully on the GamePad and laying in bed playing it with the TV off. MiiVerse celery, is a very welcome part of the system you can connect with other Wii U owners sharing ideas, hints, questions, or even bragging rights to everybody and you dont feel alone unlike other systems. I'd say its like Facebbok and Twitter for Wii U you can like (Called Yeah!) posts and respond and the post time isn't long. Not big on Mii making but Celery the MiiMaker is identical to the 3DS but with a little tweaks to the creator. So in all idespite some quips the Wii U's future could be bright with support from both Nintendo and Third Party and the user interface is easy to use.
I am also hoping they announce a way to transfer Wii downloads to the Wii U as we have spent a lot of money over 100$ in downloads. Jose, sadly they have confirmed it wont play Gamecube games but is fully compatible with the Wii Library including games that use Motion Plus or the Balance Board. so thats assuring so I can trade in our Wiis (2) and keep our collection. Miiverse will be the big thing that allows you to socially interact with other Wii U owners while playing games to share what you did in the game right there acting kind of like a forum... *looks around* but there have been rumblings that they will moderate evry post and they could take up to 30 minutes to show up! So maybe there isn't death for forums like these at least not yet.
It sucks to be in college and being left with the burden of keeping up your grades when so many good games are sitting on your shelf! I need to play more of Mortal Komat 9 its the best one since Deception though most MKs are good. I recently purchased Assassins Creed Revelations w/ Assassins Creed 1, Dead Space 2 w/ Dead Space Extraction, Tomb Raider Underworld, Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction, and the God of War Origins Collection. So yeah so may good games to sit there and tempt me while I stare at my homework. Dead Space 2 is awesome but really creepy at the same time. R&C is pretty cool too reminds me of the old ones a formula that hardly changes but still works. Underworld is good, and Revelations is more Assassins Creed goodness. I've been playing Spider Man on the 3DS its sounds weird but its actually pretty good try the demo on the eshop. And can't forget about the good ol' Wii. I ordered a little gem called Little Kings Story from Amazon so I can't wait to try it since I love the Pikmin franchise. So yeah that's whats been going on gaming wise for me.
So who is ready for the Wii U press conference? I am eagerly anticipating the Wii U and I think it will be something different than we have been used to for so long. Hopefully Nintendo is business smart and lets the consumers know enough information and do what the core of any business is ... sell us on their product. My Buddy Is Reggie!!!
I have never seen a system turn itself around better than the 3DS has. It had a rocky start but system improvements, a great digital store and online presence, and great games not to mention all the free software Nintendo gave us and the Ambassador program made me proud to be a 3DS owner. Things will only get better for it in 2012! Cheers!
It seems Club Nintendo is getting a major overhaul today. The site will get graphically updated, ability to register select third party games, and you will now be able to buy downloadable games with your coins!

Finally I can put those unused coins to good use!
Is anyone else getting this masterful game that comes out tomorrow November 20th?
I actually had a dream last night that I had the first copy of Skyward Sword and was having a blast and proving to everybody that it is a better game than everybody perceives it to be!
Its actually a free GAME not demo. It is a present to all 3DS/DSi owners for the 25th Anniversary of Legend of Zelda. Its pretty good actually. Its like a combination of all the top down Zeldas with elements from all of them sprinkled within. Haven't had a chance to try the multi player but thank goodness I have 3 other family members with 3DSs'!
Zombies, Are Coming
- Plants vs Zombies
They are available now! (In North America).

Alright. Cool! I'll add you Celery the next time I get on. I added you too n8Bit.
Mine is 4339-2577-1727
And n8BitMan yes Nintendo said that it is planned that you will be able to message from the 3DS. Unless you count the facebook like status thing. (I hope not).

I'm looking for more friends on the 3DS since I bought a Net Gear wireless router. I plan on using it a lot more. I've added Jose and Dark Icarus. Message me if you've added me or post on this thread. My FC is 4339-2577-1427. Looking forward to adding more people!
Getting through God of War II on the GoW Collection for PS3. Annihilating everyone on RE4 on my 3rd play through using the Chicago Typewriter! And finally loving every moment of OoT 3D. This game never gets old and I've almost every version and I think its the best version. I highly recommend and I was a skeptic at first.
Did anyone register Ocarina of Time 3D in time to get the Official Soundtrack? I did! (Barely).
I have GoldenEye Wii! I loved it. The single player was brilliant and makes me want a sequel. I also loved the multiplayer. I think I like it better than Black Ops Wii. Anybody looking for a fun shooter with a good campaign and fun multiplayer should check this one out. I have to find my FC.
Whats up Isaac!?
My epic PS3 game collection:
Batman Arkham Asylum
Blazing Angels
Rainbow Six Vegas
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Sly Cooper Collection
Resident Evil 5
IL-2 Birds of Prey
WWE Legends of Wrestlemania
SoulCalibur IV
Battlefield 1943
Call of Duty World at War
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
God of War Collection
God of War III
Assassins Creed II
Uncharted 2
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Red Dead Redemption

My PSN ID is: MorWarrior93
Send a Message me if you want to add me.
For those with a PS3 you can now donate using your PSN account in donations of $2, $5, $10, $25, or $50. You will receive a free PS3 theme and all contributions go to the American Red Cross- Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund.
Cool, you still play Issac?
whats sharing?
On PSP I'm still trying to finish Resistance: Retribution when I get a chance to. On DS I'm making my way through Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, on Wii Its the amazing Metroid Prime Trilogy, New Super Mario Bros Wii, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, and LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias. And for my newly acquired PS3 I'm playing in my own, personal view Game of The Year; Batman Arkham Asylum. They are all great, amazing, fun games.
I have all but Opera. IE is a little slow and I hate when i get errors on the pages. Chrome is sleek and fast with good searching features, and I'm using Firefox right now its like in the middle of the two. But I like Firefox with its ease of use, features, and reliability. Haven't used Safari a lot.

Avatar was suprisingly good with a a pretty good story, emotional moments and big action sequences. Up was good too not the best Pixar movie ever but it was a charming movie. I still wanna see District 9.

After years of rumor and anticipation Netflix is finally on Wii and finally available on all three Home Consoles. Just like the PS3 there will be a disc required and if you are a Netflix member you can reserve this disc when it becomes available this Spring.
IGN has a world exclusive unveiling of High Voltage Software's (The Conduit) new Wii-Exclusive game: The Grinder which features Zombies, Vampires, and Zombies! Awesomeness! Oh did I mention its an Online Cooperative FPS?

Gamestop CEO recently said in a business interview with CNBC that he expects a Key Nintendo franchise to come out this year. He also was told by The Big N to "reserve shelf space" for that particular title. There's a high chance that this could be the new Zelda confirmed last year and will probably be revealed at this years E3 Conference. That or Mario or Pikmin 3 What do you guys think it'll be? Or Hope for?

Awesome I recently ran out of space on my Wii especially because of WiiWare games and N64 games. I like the idea of this. Better than an external hard drive. Now people should stop complaining about Wii's Limited Memory because now it can go up to 32GBs! Now it would be cool if Nintendo raised up the WiiWare file size limit and bring more systems to VC. But I can't complain about todays Massive Update! :)
This game looks cool! I loved the first LoZ:PH and was wondering if they were making a sequel. The train part looks wierd but if it turns out good then this will be a change to the usual Boat and Epona. Getting it as soon as it comes out!

I noticed the DSi too. Nintendo announced at GDC that for DSi there will be two types of Game Cards. One can be played using the DS, DS Lite, or DSi, and one will be for DSi only. No word yet if this will use All or DSi-Only. My Guess is it will be used for all DS's.
Super Punch Out! (SNES) comes out in North America this Monday (3.30.09)!
I was just reading that Target is promoting that all DSi units will come with 1000 Free Wii (Nintendo) Points upon initial access of the DSiWare Shop. Target is promoting this nobody else they also supply a website but it is not yet live. I'm guesiing all DSi units will do this and not ones sold at Target since its online. Too bad Nintendo didn't do this with Wii but those Points would have been gone fast!

In other news, rumors are that DSi will also be releasing for download Classic GB, GBC, and GBA games. Specific systems to be confirmed and they will at first be First Party Titles.

Dsi now sounds like it will be one of the greatest handheld systems by Nintendo and more bang for your buck.
Hey Guys my code is 4339-6055-4278
I'll add everyone on here.
Oops Sorry bout that. I'll look next time.
My code is 4339-6055-2416
KOW Calpyso
The CoD5 engine is the CoD4 engine. I have WaW too so you can add me I'll have to get my code first.
Not if its just me or the Internet Channel but you have to click Login two times to login on the Wii.
I play both my wii and Ds equally. But I am dissappointed that DS is has somethings better than Wii like a Headset (but Wii has WiiSpeak), and a better game library. I feel that if with some good polish (and controls) some 3rd Party games could have been good on Wii like Blue Dragon, Assassins Creed and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Other than that they are both innovative and fun and lets have a good 3rd Party (and Nintendo) Year on Wii and DS this year!

Few games missing

Mystery Case Files MillionHeir

Call of Duty World at War (DS)

Kirby SuperStar Ultra

and Tench Shadow Assassins 

For those who own a lot of VC games or not really a fan of the current Classic Controller Nintendo has unveiled a new controller introducing: Classic Controller PRO!
Just saw this and the price is now $169.99 even better than I thought and even more bang for your buck. Also there will be a new color unreleased in Japan: Light Blue pretty cool!
I just got Deadly Creatures and its pretty good. Those looking for a unique single player experience should pick it up. I would probaly call it a Teen Insect killer version of MadWorld! lol Other than that I'm looking forward to Pikmin specifically Pikmin 2 since I've never played it before and have been looking for it.
EA today just announced it will be an On-Rails Shooter like House of The Dead and RE: Umbrella Chronicles and was renamed Dead Space Extraction built from the ground up for Wii and a prequel to the original Dead Space.
I voted for The Dark Knight because it was one of the most exciting films of the year and Batman has always beenmy favorite comic book hero since I was small. Also of curse you can't count out Heath Ledger's legendary performance that was a great but sad end to his uprising career. Did you guys know he was offered the rol of Spiderman but refused because he didn't want to become famous?
I was suprised by this recent announcement that EA has decided to publish and bring over last years Horror game from Xbox 360, Dead Space. Here is this announcement from IGN.

How about a VC/WiiWare library thing just like our Wii/DS library to show all our downloaded games on our Wii. Also the game library needs to be updated with games like WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009, Call of Duty World at War (Wii/DS), Mystery Case Files Millionaire Heir and Kirby SuperSta Ultra just to name a few. Thanks.

I saw on that Spanish developer Over The Top Games is making a mythological game featuring a female named Nyx descended from heaven searching for her friend (Icarus) and along the way can use the wind and the power of gods (Ex.Zeus) to fight of creatures. I sounds interesting and the concept ounds cool for a WiiWare game. We need more games like this on WiiWare especially a God of War/Kid Icarus story setting. The game looks very polished and should be good if i follows in Kid Icarus's footsteps!

Here is the official site to take a look.

There will be online multiplayer. There is free-for-all, team deathmatch, hardcore-free-for-all, and hardcore team deathmatch. It runs smooth and supports up to 8 players. A little low considering Medal Of Honor Heroe 2's 32 players. There is also unlockable weapons, accessories, special weapons, and perks like Call of Duty 4. Sounds good I'll be picking it up in the next coupl of days.

Cool I have TimeSplitters:Future Perfect for GameCube and I like it. The most played FPS I play on Gamecube. I like the Co-Op if you have a friend the co-op can be a real blast to play through. The multiplayer is fun with lots of modes, characters, weapons and maps to play. I say if Free Radical can make it as good as Future Perfect with a good single player and well implemented online multiplaye then I say its About Time!

Yeah there are a lot of more options than Nintendo's Miis but your right without getting full control of where you want to put features is more limiting than Nintendo's offer. Still looks neat though.

Who all is getting the game? IGN gave the Wii version an 8.0 so it sounds like a good one for Wii.