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Could I by any chance recieve some credit for Meta Knight canvas idea?

Wow incredible so perfect.

Sorry but it is bad. IDK why everyone likes it it looks retarded

Guys thanks I didn't think anyone would like this

Lol I love it when you feed them. Looks like lots more lumas noiw I put this up when there was 1

Best one on here roxii's sucks compared to this

Thats great

looks a lot like him

Awesome! And love how the wrinkles capture the backround

Supposed to be a hat?

Thats great man

pretty good

Pfft goood job.... ON COPYING ISIC!

Here is my change I made with him eating some dots. I don't take any credit all goes to TIP. Great job BTW!

Oh and I like their shirts a lot. I won't be suprised if this is profiled tomorrow

LOL these are gold man!! Thanks!

Sweet I made a full body using the head


The light bulb is great!

Hey everybody who is down voting this please leave a comment and tell me why you voted the way you did or what you feel needs improved.

Thanks in advance

It amazes mii that so many people have passed bobbybobby with their mii talents....

One of the best canvas miis EVER!


I don't know how it happened, but someone's Joker finally beat BobbyBobby's!!!!!


Looking good




Sweet mii

Make a butthead mario!

Make a beavis Mario


Make a Beavis or a butthead mario

Awesome... maybe make the mustache reddish but it's still a five

Looks like your going to be the next Andy Anonymous if you keep up like this!

can't get any better!

Very good! BEst on the site

I just dug up an old NES game with him in it. 


how old is she? she looks 18

Awesome update

Swete I love logo miis

Omg you are awesome man!

Another marvelous work of art! Bravo!

Best  on the site


Not that good as a joker but an awesome beetlejuice!

Ugh he bit my arm with his awesomeness! Bookmarked

Great! Best mustache ever!


Awesome! Omg Eye candy!