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time to play the ocarina, the moon is falling.
*crash, boom, fire*
the internets has left the website. *sigh*
Chrono Trigger FTW!!
improved port of one the greatest RPGs ever = WIN!!
top- adventure: mostly zelda or zelda-like games "use magic item FTW"
next fave: platformer- so simple yet very fun
if life gives you lemons, falcon Pawnnnnnnch!!!!
when its day three and one hour is left
1412 war!!!
im back!
Capcom VS Marvel 2
Super Street Fighter 2 turbo
yah! direct SD card download!!
i want to see what "virtual handheld" and DSi-ware games become avalible for it first

soo whats next? using a Biplane and floating islands?!? 

on a more serous note: this looks intersting

i am giving this place one more try...

-sigh- "interests failed" i am taking a vacation from the site, i dont know for how long it will last.

katsup, mustard, and

a gamer who has alot to say about nothing

round of dead...

a VC/wiiware rate and reviews section, like you can do for wii and DS game, under My Account: Games

that way gamerscreated users have an extra sorce for info on games they might to buy on the Wii shop channel

you crazy dorks, there is no such thing as "hardcore gamer" or "weaksause" for thay are opinions formed into words by the gaming comunities

likewise, I could say all first-person shooters are not "hardcore" and that only 16-games and 8-bit games are and still be called wrong.

there is only the games, the systems and the players skills.

with Chuck Norris...


finaly a great idea from the local troll, too bad the rules fail.

ok rant over here is my thought: Super Mario RPG final boss music

it was epic and should have been included!

and to think, it ONLY took 9 months to get to 1275 posts...

you know the...


lies you speek robby. 8/10


no, thats where yall are wrong. 

rules are made so that they can be proved  by the retards who dont follow them, without those same people sueing for not being warned.  1261

and who's left....


you get a bible

i put in a way to cause world peace



me blinded by the whiteness!!! lol

same pic, diferent meaing

4/10 meh

f [NO SNOW]   b [IN TEXAS]   ... for christmas :(

8/10 thats is the truth...

how 'bout this then?

I know gaby's a troll, but istead of wineing bout it, just ignore him and let the mods and/or admin do their jobs

when you have 3 final exams on the same day- tomarow

chunk of eggnog

1216 i will work on that, meet me yesterday. 

and his favorite...

by the canadian

1209 lol what?

when you see only one of the four ninjas in the room.

1205 what do the stars above "member" meen?

down-voted on the

you get a "no somkeing" sign

i put in the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" DVD

12:01 is it 2009 yet?

having a party...

i just they werent so long maybe 8 didgits instead of 12 or 16!

today was meh day for vc instead of getting Phantasy Star IV and Mega Man 3 like the EU did last week, the US gets metal slug 2- the slowed down version of metal slug

4/10 my l33t is not that good

F:  [SUPER]   B:   [SYAN]