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Very funny! You deserve to be in the top of the list in CMO.


I love that kind of mii. 5 stars.


You are the best. Period.

I loved that one! :-)

This is great. Very funny and well done.

I'm always uploading new Miis to the channel. I have about 120 Miis there, but I wish I could delete some that I have uploaded.
I hate the fact that most of my 5 star miis are not presented in order to favor so many 2, 1 or zero stars... :(
This one is simply amazing. Love your work.
Thanks for the tip about the hair, jayloonar. You are totally right. I have updated this Mii in the CMO Channel with a different hair, which is more used in other Leonidas Miis. You can check it there! ;-)
Well... I voted for myself. What a shame! XD
Hahaha! Great! Now make the Smurfs!
Very cool, I love that show!
Heheh, thanks! I just added some more Mii in the gallery! Yey! XD
Amazing! XD
My god, this is perfect!
Haha! Great!! 5 stars from me!
So sweet! I love that little girl! ;)
Looks really good!
Super cool. The lighting/3d illusion worked really well.
The Father Time is somehow related to the New Year Baby contest;

This may help, from wikipedia:
In various New Year's Eve customs, Father Time's image is used as the personification of the previous year (or "the Old Year"), who "hands over" the duties of time to the Baby New Year (or "the New Year"). In this case, his old age is emphasized (in particular, he may be depicted walking with the aid of a stick).
Thanks for the warm welcome! ;)
That's so cool!
Just to say hello from Brazil. I hope you like my Miis, I´ll submit more after the hollidays.

See ya!
Thanks a lot! I've already posted it in Check Mii Out.
so good looking
This is a really smart mii. Loved it.
Nice, very funny
So cute!
I liked this! XD