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Great! 5*

This section is for miis, we have a seperate section for pictures


It looks great imhoAnd the WW style Zelda also appeared in the artwork of TMC, FS and FSA

If there weren't that would be less creepy.... but also less Mario... hmmm...

How can I find your Mario Miis in the CMO (if they are there)? I'd like to download all your Mario miis and put them into my Mii Parade :D

We already have those things in Europe, the Stars system was avilable since Gamecube times, but great for you guys

Haven't thought this is possible.Bookmarked and 5 Stars!

Yeah, he's a character in Jump Super/Ultimate Stars and a famous Manga from the Shonen Jump Magazine. He also got his own Anime

This pic, just epic XD

Actually I portrayed a friend with this Mii, that he looks a lot like Linebeck and as follows similiar to my imagination about Don Quijote/Quixote is something that I realized afterwards.

I also had the idae of making myself kick that horse or being Sancho Pansa, but I liked the Windmill idea most XD

I hope this contest comes with a souvenir, I mean it had an own avatar!

He's been playing the leading role in more games than Luigi and Peach now, lol XD

I didn't have much interest in making Miis, since there weren't new games with Mii support or interesting Mii Contests lately

The Red thing is the lower half of the beak


No, Austria, but Austrians and Swiss share their Top Score lists with Germany :P

I'd suggest splitting the site. splitted into after the Wiiware release but keeping connections to vc-reviews like links and the possibility to use your vc-r account at wiiware-world. You could make the same with miiplaza and the 360 version, with the possibility to add 360 wiidgets (e.g. random 360 miis) to miiplaza and vice versa.

We have a picture section for those :)

We have picture sections for those :)

Great Goomba!

godfather, because that isn'r mario in a hundred years!

I don't know, but wouldn't it look better without glasses?

pictures belong to the picture section, the section games mii is for Miis that look like Mario charas (for example: a Mii of Uxie)


@Coolguypie: Do I have to do this cia Opera Browser or can I use SD Cards? I tonly jumps into the queue and stays there...


How can i download this to my Wii?

This ship could convince me to buy that game...

The reason why there are no Chuck Norris games yet is that there was no storage resolution that could even play the Start screen


Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris can walk on air




I don't know jawa, but those eyes give me the creeps. I love those eyes!


I Lol'd a lot







I guess her name was Lily, if I'm right

Nice, so you're in the Top 20 too XD


Chuck Norris is his own father

Don't download Brainiac 2.3, it's just a rip-off 2.0 without the MP3 function