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There's one I never thought of! :) Good job, too. 5d
Am thinking you could make George Jetson with this as a starting point.
That's a LOT of hours! :) I pre-ordered Skyward with the Zelda controller.
(Oh, and happy Guy Fox Day to celery. ...not going to attempt the spelling ;)
KG rules! I drools! ...wait... :/
Awesome looking, plus I learned something. Please don't make me learn. XD 5*
That is both unique and trippy, Imagine seeing one in real life, *shudders* Great design!
Currently in jail for tax evasion. (Wesley Snipes joke ;)
Wow. I actually spent HOURS, several times, trying to come up with a scorpion design! Excellent work! 5*s
Coolness. :)
I can't do math, so luckily I'm not running this contest. Will the winner be announced on Halloween?
I hope Fishy wins again. *fingers crossed* ;)

Probly just have enough energy to take the little nephews trick-r-treating.
(The houses are closer together in my neighborhood = good candy haul)
If I do dress up it'll be just a few major parts of this costume...

Soooo not gluing that beard thing on again!!!! XD
Eben Frostey vs. King Galaxy: KG
celery vs. Eben Frostey: celery
celery vs. King Galaxy: celery
NAMWHO vs. King Galaxy: KG
celery vs. NAMWHO: celery
Eben vs. NAMWHO: Eben

Hope I butchered, er submitted my vote correctly. :/
Message me if I missed a combination.
I think I messed up the Beer Frame. (everyone getting a strike in bowling, btw)
Hope a few of the other members come back in time to post something.
Me and 121 guests! Busy Saturday night. Wonder if people are looking for Halloween miis.

Eben Frostey vs. King Galaxy: KG
celery vs. Eben Frostey: celery
celery vs. King Galaxy: celery

Lost poem by Dr. Franken-suess

I thought I'd make a monster mii
This being midnight on Halloween

Once made I wondered what game he'd like to play
Its ugly face pushed the TV screen away

'I'll tell you what I'd like this night to do
to switch my form and place with you!'

A quick bite and slash with crimson mist
Thru my throat, across my wrist

My mind flew and flowed into the glowing screen
Trapped inside my own machine.

The beast then smiled with my own face,
Having put me in his place.

'I have but one thing left to say...
Tonight I will go out and slay'

A click of the switch and all light went away
I sit in darkness to this day

I sit and wait for the next Halloween

Will you be the one I pull inside this screen?
I had to say no because there was no option for 'exactly equal to the last one'.
Eben Frostey vs. King Galaxy:KG
celery vs. Eben Frostey: celery
celery vs. King Galaxy: KG
celery vs. NAMWHO: NAMWHO
NAMWHO vs. Eben Frostey: NAMWHO
NAMWHO vs. King Galaxy: KG
yes. but i voted 'other' ...because it was there. :)
Just wanted a version that fit without scrolling...

Really didn't recall a 2 hour limit on editing... ah the old daze. :)
Then again, I've not had much luck with images, either. Trying again for a better version... oh dear God... blah...
Losing count on my image retries! XD

Looks like Editing and whatnot are down. Hope Jose still gets messages sent to his Console!
Also can't Edit my post. Wanted to change my entry pic to one that fits better.
Eben Frostey vs. King Galaxy: KG
celery vs. Eben Frostey: Eben
celery vs. King Galaxy: KG
celery vs. NAMWHO: celery
NAMWHO vs. Eben Frostey: Eben
NAMWHO vs. King Galaxy: KG

Well, at least with not having 9 entries this week, my brain didn't completely melt deciding. Mostly did tho.

heh. I've forgotten how to get pics to work here! XD
Can't find my Mario jack-o-lantern pic. Will have to use this one.
8 out of 5!!!! :)
Getting older, eh?... and you're quite accurate! 5 out of 5.

Congrats celery.
And tysvm for all the effort you put in here! :)

I don't drink, but I go to Hooters a lot... for some reason...
me and 93 guests... See a few over 100. hm. Picking up a bit!
Hm... I see people may enter drawings... I have none. Can we enter photos of pumpkin carvings we made? Still art.
Also willing to post a costume photo if you do that. Oddly, the mii will be the hard part! XD

Oh. You might want to accept back-up participants... We usually have someone not show up and such.
Angry bird is my favorite this time. Tho it's all very close this month.
okay. Tho I am rusty. lol
lolz. Too accurate!

Like this one, tho:

src="" />
BULLWINKLE! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
*claps* :D
You scare me sometimes, celery. :D Hard to believe you can do so many accurate human faces.
Trippy kitty
Cool series of mini-heads! Loved DKC. 5
Well, if they made a cartoon of her, that's how she'd look. 5
Good job. You're really getting all the characters on this one!
Obscure, but really accurate. :)
LOL. I love this guy. Surprised no one else tried. 5
Great job, and the first one. :)