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What country do you live in, and if applicable, what state?

I'm in the USA, from Michigan.

How do you choose what Miis you're going to make? Do you have a process?

I tend to choose cartoons and anime that I watch myself, or with my little nephew. Since he plays Nintendo, making his favorite characters makes sense. Same goes for making Mario and his friends into miis. Once I pick a subject, I search on Google Images, and try to find a picture of them with their usual facial expression. Copy it as closly as the Mii Channel allows. If it turns out awful, I don't post it.

Which Mii do you feel is your best so far?

Maybe Timmy (the South Park Timmy). I didn't think it would turn out looking like him at all... but with a couple tricks, it came out pretty darn close.

What one (and only one) Mii piece would you add to the Mii Channel if you could?

Ah. More colors! It would have been so easy for them to make larger palettes. Then you could make white hair, or green skin. And even use oddly colored hair as hats and such. Hard to believe that the land of anime didn't let us use anime hair colors.

Do you do any sort of art by trade? What other creative outlets do you pursue apart from the Mii Channel?

Just doing miis as a hobby. Partly to pass the long Northern Michigan winter. Wish I had gotten a Wii earlier, but they were sold out. Currently the Mii Channel is my only creative outlet. Previously, I'd made animated cursors and icons for my South Park website. (The site is long gone.)

What's your favorite experience with the Wii so far?

The controllers are far more incredible than I'd thought. Probably should have learned by now not to underestimate Nintendo. I enjoy every game more, because of the interaction and feedback.

What game do you feel is missing from the Wii line-up most right now, given the Wii's unique control mechanic?

I was big into the Super Nintendo's 'Pilot Wings'. Given the number and oddness of some of the crafts you fly, I think it would be a blast.

Any additional props, plugs or comments?

Heh. I'm just honored to have people actually download my stuff. Would like to thank this site for helping me share it. Also BobbyBobby for inspiring me on the first day of CMO Channel. I saw his miis and realized you could make something far more cool than a self portrait.

You can find more of Toon&Anime's Miis on his user page.