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Clever - congrats all!
Update is 10X better :D
Nice beak! 5*
Those things scare me.. 5*
The new Bathroom Sign. 5*
Eric "the Dog" Cartman is my favorite. 5**
I see a seal also, but cute eyes - 5*

It looks pretty beast to me! 5*

Just watched a video on it -5*
The way her hair covers her eyes and her mouth are perfect - 5**
Like how you did the mustache- 5*

Nice Job!

Yeah, it looks more like an automatic riffle but I could still see some shot gun - 5*
I like this one the best- 5**
I just had that for lunch ;D -5*

Ouch! A biting 5**

A woof'n 5*(sorry my animal jokes suck :)
It looks like it needs a cat nipp'n 5*.

Lol, there is always a shadow around his eyes. 5*

Good job- Haven't seen any episodes in years.
LMAO!!! 5**
Its actually a local landmark/monument attraction on top of a local cliff. It's a cool monument that I took some shots of this summer. The monument was actually built in the late 1800's; and was dedicated to American soldiers who had fought for the early U.S wars( like Civil War and Revolutionary War ). What I find interesting is that the statues that surround the monument symbolize heroic words like "peace", and "history". Like for example, the statue on top of the monument is a woman who is holding a branch of leaves on one hand, and is clutching a reef on the other. She symbolizes "victory" for those wars.
Enjoy Cel! I'm back for the rest of my Summer but not for long. This upcoming sop****re year will be a difficult one with challenging classes such as Humanities. Not sure if I should look forward into it. :P
The mouth is a first! 5*
Cleverly done! 5**
Love the beard- 5*
I don't want to imagine what's happening in front of her lol - 5*
Now that's an LOL - 5* cel
A green-filled 5*
Very accurate! 5**
Lol, I just watched her in "Shakespeare in Love" in English class. 5*
awww- no more celebrities? Well this is a really great mii so 5**!
aww shucks! Thanks guys :)
Actually, there might be a third version because I'm still not digg'n the mii.
Hearts look great! 5*
It looks alot like the actress who had played her. 5*
same^ :)
Are you making a hanging execution for your water bottles?
That should be HBO's next poster lol
This is a little off topic, but I wanted to "jazz" up my artist profile, so I gave it a new twist. (p.s, turn up the volume crimson fury %7D:o
Those eyes fit! 5*
When I look at my friend's list, I feel depressed because tons of the people who made this site very exciting left and never came back to visit. If only more could come back, I think I would have some motivation to log on here alot more(rather than facebook). But still, I thank the ones who still log on here almost everyday to keep this site running with new miis and forum topics.
Well done! 5*


Its feel like one of those "Life" magazine games where you have to pick out the differences between 2 pictures lol. 5*