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amazing 5s and a bookmark
hes on youtube quite a bt i think go on my youtube and sub and send me an invit
il take some photos now
probly a while as usual hopefully not to long
il trade codes if anybody has live messenger add me barmy-amry1 so then it easier to contact me fast
i totaly agree with you apps would be a great thing to have
i would recommend gta chinatown wars and professer layton for dsi
dsi is wicked im on mine right now what do you guys think of them
got mine today amazing thats all i can say its so good the features are really good best handheld i ever bought i would recommend this to anybody tell me what you guys
il be on tonight if anybodys coming on il show some glitches if you want
im picking mine up today after school cant wait
1 day left till i get mine there in shops now ready for realease this is the clan on youtubwe i dont know about the other the reason i left is because you were hardly ever active online the guys i am with now are on everyday so sorry maybe if you were abit more active i would of stayed why not try join spr
il do a cod torney
i am hopefully getting some wii points this friday when i buy my dsi and chinatown wars
im now 6th prestige lvl 37 on cod 5
i have just pre ordered my white dsi now and my sister pre ordered white to
15th march 3.28 pm il be on soon
anyways probly if you dont get one when its realeased they will be all sold out
i had a look at this game it looks awesome a bit like halo also get cod instead of mohh2 j tangle u would enjoy cod more

cyro ive registerd caplyso cyro starkillmaster and me shall we play on cod tonight lets get ths clan going

guys i am gonnah sign up now i am rank 1790 in the world
well after all the mess wether to get one or not i might get one after all i am trading in my old ds lite and then gon to use some cash to get it hopefully but i might not because i really want to get pokemon platinum when it comes out so i am unsure need help
brilliant 5s
nice pikmin 5s and a bookmark
i love it 5s and a bookmark
some people say there copied say i gave up and play games with everybody on the site :)
linkin park

giratina vs dexoys
oww i really wanted that to come on wii now i am disapointed
no but somebody told me call of duty modern warfare 2 is not coming to wii
we also need capture the flag
i really want zombies on wii how about you guys
5s this is awesome
ok good
i know how to get and item and duplicate it i will duplicate any item
wow !!!! 5s and a bookmark
what a great mii 5s

i dont like thoose stupid miis either maybe they have nothing better to do i think i am gonnah re start making miis

jonny go away calpyso is right its not funny or cool ( the cod 5 leaderboards are still broke hopefull they will be back soon anyone wana play tonight)
i agree with cryo it depends what it does

theres no way il get one i got the first ds then traded that in if i went this one il have to trade this one in and if they bring another out il trade that in ( my mum thinks its a waste ) so no dsi but pokemon platinum for certain

on most nintendo games now its so annoying because of hackers they really need to sort that out to its so annoying
i love the mario games there so much fun theres a new mario and sonic at the winter olympics coming out aswell cant wait !
owned haha i am winning for a while
yes just got it 2 days ago after 2 years of trying to connect it lol ! wana swap codes for pokemon pearl i dont go on diamond much
drums are really hard i think
5s another amazing mii
5s i love it