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That cake looks so good.
trees, simply amazing
dead hand
How could you not vote for cubone?
They are both great, but im going to vote for celery.
carl is awesome
chocolate bar is a great drawing!
i agree with ajay
spring, i really dont understand the wolves
bulborb lunch
lost mario
Captain Morgan, it looks exactly like the logo.
amazing. bookmarked
pretty good.
great. 5'd bookmarked
fantastic. 5'd
Falco gets my vote.
very original.
that's perfect!
Very good. That's Zant alright.
I still don't get it.
What does XD mean???
Wow, amazing. 5'd bookmarked. Great job.
It looks just like him.

Bananaman, how can you bookmark a mii and not give it 5 stars?
Now thats a creative mii!
I agree with MTL, its gotta be K.K. Slider
Such a hard decision...

Midna... such a helpful character
I like Falco the best.
It could be improved, but its one of the best harry's I've seen.
I can definitely see him. 5 stars
Wow, thats really original, 5'd
Great mii! How did you make the mouth?
I love it , how did you get the third tooth?
it may not look exactly like him, but it was an original idea and that was the best you could do.
awesome mii, maybe try making the skin a little lighter...
that's great!
Mine has never looked dirty, so i've never cleaned it.
amazing, 5'd and bookmarked