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Goodbye and Take care eveyone!  -Roxii


-- -and would the last one to Leave Miiplaza, please turn out the lights!

[p]actually 700 miis Good Luck All. Hope when you reach the top evryone treats you better. Booby Bobby Im really sorry i didn't speek up more when they did this to you over the ebay issue .So many of you are so wonderful of people I just hope that you really know how i feal about each of you. you all deserver to be on top some day too good mii making and bless each of you.

Great Job!

B1LlL -- Simply the spelling of this posting is incorrect. FYI Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel  was a pioneering French fashion designer whose modernist philosophy, menswear-inspired fashions, and pursuit of expensive simplicity made her arguably the most important figure in the history of 20th-century fashion. Her influence on haute couture was such that she was the only person in the field to be named on TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

Thanks David!

Check it out! I have 6 Miis on the USA top 50 and 3 on the USA top 50!!! WOoHOo!

  Super Heros take a break from Crime Fighting to do a little Can-Can on the Mii Virtual Stage



(Everybody Dance Now!)

I would really like to see your Mii Action Shots... Come on Everybody you can do it!!!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! 

*Update*  add 1 more to the world list :)   

As of today I have 5 on the USA Top 50

                       and 3 on the World Top 50!

gas is $4.36 for regular  today when *issac* first posted this thread gas he said was 3.16 (---oh the good old days)



next> B1ll

thanks for the support guys ill do my best. I have a ton of new miis to post again. You (David, Toons&Anime) belong in the top 3  instead of ET  and the other coppiers  yet good job at keeping up on the rankings through this riff. all of you guys should pat yourself on the back.! Here ia a little hint saturday and sunday were good for posting younger audience miis ie cartoons while nights are good for older audiences( post after 2am in the morning and your mii can often sit in the grab bag for 1-6 hours racking up late night stars).  Now that school is out for summer alot more younger viewers during the weekdays keep that in mind when posting.  Post your miis before popular movies come out  so they have time to slow cook and get popular before the release ie movies coming out are the new batman wall-e and hellboy -check mine out tonight as my advatar (ill post it on here after it does its job of atracting to my gallery). good mii making to you all and wish you well!

Here he comes, here comes Speed
Mii Racer.

(Young Speedy. Born to race!!!)

lol ^

Hanging around the Bowling alley with Gene, Ace and Elmo. ;)

(paparazzi at it again! looks like Gene posed for TMZ)

I'll start things off with this pic of spiderman catching a fly (ball) 


(spidy does that so well)
Let see those pix of your Miis in action!  Load up your Miis into your favorite games and post them here.   (hint hint…get good ones I see a contest in the future!)

5 miis showing on the Top 50! 

2 on the world list

fyi well actually you can use a bluetooth and editor to transfer miis from pc to wii and upload to sites like there also is a miieditor utility available tho is no-more  bianary codes are easily available.


Being number one on the CMO Channel  has its perks. Right now, I have 4 Miis on the  CMO top 50 list in America and have 2 on the top 50 world list too, My Tigger Mii is sitting prime to go up as well. Anyone know what the record is?
Why not?
thought I would share this.

&imgrefurl=" />






Hi everyone! Havent had much time to upload lately. I have been working so many hours and just can't find the time. I managed to grab a bunch of my miis and upload them some are quite old and been begging to be uploaded. Enjoy!

Thanks!!! :D
yes number 1 :D thanks to all my friends here! My profile will be viewable may 11th. A big ciber-hug to all of you!!!
what character is yours on top 100?
how about posting a sample walkthough and see what everyone thinks about it. Most walkthoughs I've read are walls of text. you might want to post them as new posts with descriptive titles andnothers can post there comments and/or varations after it. I would hold off to the others on here have had a chance to comment on your idea.
oooo now thts a great idea! And when I want to see Miis I will go to j/k do what you want dog.
just look at all the star wars sites that simply state they are unofficial.
Agreed, perhaps the only thing this site needs, is to mention it the is the unofficial miiplaza web site.
I agree with Ajay! I originaly found this site by googling 'mii' Jose must consider this when trying to atract new guest/members. on a side note all links from other sites that linked will be severed. I imagine my friends at and will also soon face these problems. best to all thru this transition.
How about



seriously how about...

^entire oh and beavis has always been ugly!
sorry red sox fan ill update this mii to a new version soon.

here is a link to my intire collection
sorry for your losses. But hey great mii tho!!! 5d
Quote MTL:
lol you guys are good! xD

Lemme try my hand at it P:


A mii making wonder, yes it's true

You should see what this guy can do

His canvas miis are sure to amaze

This Master Mii Artisan deserves some praise

An animal lover as you can see

So watch out CMO groupies, here's Roxii!

WOO! Look at those rhyming skillz lol...

Wow MTL-Your so sweet and talented! Loved the poem it made my day!!! :D
very cute brainiac good job!
Naild it!!! 5D
yes I do! very good
:D HaHa :D thank you uncle Ajay lol
Ive really enjoyed looking at all of your great designs. great job everyone!
thank you
like to give a shout out to isic...Hiya and thank you.