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no, im not xD
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Omg perfect! 5s!!
There suppose to be like those outlinings of her cheeks.
Maybe i should consider goin back on. I planned to make one of my own as well. >.>
Yeaaahhh... This is not one of my best miis, also I tried making a different hair style, didnt turn out good.
I just used the select thingy and erase around the edges of the mii, i would copy a part of the real pic i wanna use as a hat or sumtin and paste it onto another "paint" and then ill erase around that. after id paste the mii onto the pic and then paste the hat on top. Its complicated to explain but its rly easy.
Man, I was plannin on making a susan boyle. Im too lazy to make more miis so I give it a 5.
this is rly good. 5s

its just so quiet in here. *tumbleweeds pass by*
I dunt see how he got inspiration by me? Also I feel like no ones postin up miis here anymore.
thats pretty cool, i also like how u used the moustache to make the red thingy. Great mii.
oh em gee!
"Hey! Does this look like a q to you?"

great mii!
the eyebrows should be lighter and both eyes and eyebrows would look better if they were farther apart, or maybe bigger.
this kinda reminds me alot of tarantino for some reason, or maybe thats just me.
i like the creative use for the makeup and that expression is hillarious! 5s!
This really reminds me of her from V for Vendetta. This is great! 5s
This is so underrated, I like this one alot better than Ajay's for sum reason.
recognized her instantly. 5s
Wario's suppose to look greedy and mischievous. He looks so evil and demented, like hes gonna break your legs or sumtin. Just lookin at him gives me the feelings that hes gonna devour my soul or sumtin! O.o I give it a 4.
The M mouth is suppose to be the chin, the mole is suppose to be the mouth and the eyes are the two dots beside the nose. (I was trying to make a cartoony version of Wario)
lol thats exactly like him! I would rate more than 5 if I could, so 5s!
I dont know what the heck that is, which totally freaks me out(including when I searched on google) which is actually quite acurate. 5s!
aww you beat me to it! I was planning to make this mii in the future, but you beat me to it! 5s nevertheless!
lol, my first system was a super nintendo; and that was before it came out! for originality I give it a 5.
I was planning to make these guys in the future! but you beat me to it 5s!
ASTONISHING! *gasp* 5s!
At first I thought it was a pic. O.o 5s for fooling me!
I under stand u used the glasses to cover up the moustache, and to show the label. But i think the most interesting part is how you made cap. 5s!
Ur makin meh thristy! nice mii btw 5s!
lulz. ^^ 5s.
This mii is great. 5'd
very cool. I like how you made the nose part. (creative use of the eyebrows and triangular nose) 5s!
awesomeness. METAL GEAR!!! (takes out bazooka)*loud random growling*
omgg great! how come no one here knows about newgrounds? 5s!
rly good. 5s
I'm asian. (hides in the corner)
*turns face*
*weeps in the darkness*
Ahh, you guys are moidarers!
its got that "Plump" expression ;). great mii btw 5'd
heh nice mii. I just feel like you could use a different nose or face feature but other than that, this mii is great! 5s!