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I would like to point out that I am not ZOMBIES. He just has good taste in usernames. :) Also, nobody won the title last month? I don't get on CMOC too much any more so I didn't notice. Wow. So I could win this month and not get the title. That is seriously messed up. Oh well, that probably won't stop me from making more miis anyway.
I might be back.
So I've been gone for awhile and look who shows up. The no talent copying piece of crap Bob M. The only reason you have four miis in the top 50 is because of MY LUIGI. Whatsa matta, poor liddle Bobby got no imagination? You may have the "Master" title but, I've got the imagination and thats something you can never steal dumbass.
I finally got my modem issues sorted out so I'm back.

Hey Guys,

I was not aware I had a profile since I am not able to get online.  I am currently at my familiies house checking everything.  Be back soon.


Bob M. = 4th place thanks to MY Luigi. Crap. Oh, well. 5 star miis apparently mean nothing on a month to month basis. I have a liitle over a 100 now. I'll never really understand how CMO works. I'll probably keep trying until I'm out of ideas or my Wii breaks though. I sometimes wonder if when new people on cmo see all the copies if they think that's just how it works and so repeat it just to rank up. Gotta wonder what the percentage is of people who make originals verses copiers.
Probably because he dropped rank down to the 20's and it's got to be hard for him to go back up as almost all of his miis have been copied to death. His new miis always seem to get copied immediately after he makes them (like his recent Gremlin mii). I check his page pretty often (always like to see what crazy mii he'll think up next) and every so often he does make a new one. Strangley he's going by the name Iron Man now.
Heh,heh,heh.Good stuff.
Congrats Cel! Best contest I've seen in quite awhile.
Awsome, love the 3 eyed monster. 5rrrs.
That's.....That's AMAZING! This has to go in the Mii Hall of Fame. 5'd, BM'd.
Love that episode...5d
This is the 1st day it's dropped below 40 degrees in MO. Of course the weather here is schizophrenic - 70 one day, snowing/ice storm the next.
I'm in. I will no doubt be able to upload by Jan.
You know maybe he's not, I guess he could just look at the recent miis on site(he also has toons ghoul), or he is a member going under different a name (which would make sense since he would probably know how we feel about copiers). Either way I'm done complaning about it since I know other people have experienced worse. Namley Tip for getting copied so much it knocked him of the top 100, Jul who gets to watch multiple people use his Joker to win Master, and all the people who deserve to be in the top 100. I just got really pissed when I realized he was coming to this site to copy.
EXCELLENT Mii! 5rrrs. I might have to give the ponyarms a try myself.
Yeah, it's very annoying. What I just figured out though is that Bob M. (the guy that STOLE my Luigi) is a member of this site! I looked through "his" miis and saw D. Maria's mummy mii (which is very new and I believe she lives in England so he didn't see it on the U.S. pop page). Ive noticed he's stole quite a few of my Nintendo miis, some of Brainwolfs and now D.Maria's. If you read this thread BobM. know that A. Your a piece o crap thief and B. You need to delete your copies and make ORIGINAL miis! It's not that hard to do. What the hell kind of accomplishment is taking credit for someone elses work? I just can't understand this mentality. I just can't understand what's wrong with people.
YAY! Now I have 2 miis in the top 50! Only I didn't post them. This just isn't my month. The best part is it's my Luigi which is my #1 ranked mii and this kills any chance of it making it to the top 50. Crap.
Nice! You ever look at the bottom of a facehugger? Disturbing.
I should be getting a new computer soon so the mass uploads will begin. I'll post when I'm going to upload so that I don't bump anybody else of the 1st page of miis.
Gotta laugh on cmoc today, I'm right above "BFF For Life". Kinda redundant don't you think? Anyway this person makes those little disgustingly cute anime girls and that's it. I always see somebody in top 100 that makes nothing but these. I hate them, but at the same time I gotta know what they're from. Any ideas?
If I could post I would be all for it. I've already got a zombie spidey. It's difficult to make them recognisable as a zombie and their character at the same time though. Love the comic at any rate, you can't beat the Hulk biting off Silver Surfers head!
Can I "help" too? heheheh...
logo design contest? hmmmm...
Stiches. Man that's one busy clown, every time he kills one copy 10 more pop up.
Furry old cave monster.
Rue fersure. Very original!
Deemon - a quick way to see your miis is to change region on the popular page from local to world. Every time you do it the miis on your page change. Why there isn't an option to have multiple pages of all your miis is beyond me.
Posting new and original miis on this site will go a long way into people trusting you. There's nothing wrong with "improving" someone elses miis as long as you give credit and do more than moving the eyes one space closer, changing hair, ect... There is always a way to make a completely new version of almost any character and that's why I'm so hooked on making miis.
I am sooo making a zombie Santa Claus.
It gets the point across. I wish it could stay the same, but what are ya gonna do? If the 360 avatars are any good I'll prob make them too (along with Halo3 maps and whatever else that comes out with a creative aspect). The name is wide open enough to cover all this which is nice, but Miis will most likely stay my fav and the primary purpose of this site. As far as how the site used to be (which I caught the very end of) just wait for the "Wii2" and the "Mii2" channel.
Gotta love furry cave monsters! 5rrrs.
DAMN GOOD. 5rrrs
Overweight Werewaffle! Hahaha...I think I'll stick with KingZombie otherwise I'd have to change it to something I find scary. KingFluffyBunnyFeet?
I guess I'll go with Death (my avatar). If you want me to use something else K1LL, let me know since I'm not sure if this qualifies as a monster.
There should be a warning before I scroll down into something like that. I almost choked from laughter and surprise.
The grayed out pupils are a nice touch.
Wait a minute....ZombieLord? Now where have I seen that before? Heheheh.
Nothin better than flesh eating undead children. 5'd & BM'd. Love the miis and the background.
Love the eyes! 5rrrs
David, yeah thats it. I can't see the numbers on my screen since I have to use my Wii browser. Another thing, I don't think I can currently send P.M.s (they just sit on my screen and I never get a "message sent"). Tried to send you one about using the headshot zombie idea (which I did) here's the CMO code if you want to see it. 4418-7018-7009 Thanks on both counts.
Try that again...I'm using my Angery Zombie.
Close one in this group, but I'm going to have to go with the mini Drac.