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super smash bros. brawl #super smash bros. brawl #

If you fell you need some competition online my # is 1633-3992-0120 I will await your challenge, If you decide to please message me first

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Currently Playing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Location:Tucson, Arizona, United States
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I'm a mii artist trying to improve upon mii Ideas and invent new ones, I'm also a regular artist so check out my deviant art site, I also wish to be part of the great mii makers such as !sic, B1LL, KingZombie, Toon & Anime, & Roxii (great attribute torwards you guys...)

I'd perfer you don't leave messages about anything other than miis or anything based from the Wii, because then I probably won't be interested.
sorry if that sounds rude...


hey more info ...guess what... these mii's of mine are my inproved or original ideas... I felt like saying this because alot of my mii's have been copied on CMO channel and I want to give them the score they deserve unlike other copiers... no offense... feel free to copy my miis but at least like rate our good mii's high first...felt like saying this just like behalf on the other artists that try thier hardest on making miis...

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