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I am not a rude person so I shall give this man Credit for the original like he asked :D

okay last week guys!

bowser mario, captain falcon mario

dude's all of these all looking exceptionally great! I think this is one of the best mii collabs I've seen

your'e banned getting shot

dude that's totally rad!

seriously? c'mon this is 5* material altogether!

man celery I can already tell who I'm voting for unless some pulls something crazy unique out of a hat,

Man I feel like I'm in the gutter now If I'm up against your mii... oh well It' s mii love all the same :]

alright here is mine


Alright I've switchded the tree elf to a goblin should be up today Thx for the heads up as I feel a little down that It doesn't fit...

darn and I'd Thought my tree elf had a good run oh well I'll just have to switch my elf...

okay guys it's up the, the different  welpin goblin, I'm gonna keep the tree elf though as I feel I put my creativity into that one...

Iron mario or mario the Hedhog there are some Ideas for ya Tip 

hey guys got my three up, the Tree Elf the Ghost Groom and The Ghastly Judge all in a row so easy to find, but sadly some one decided to 1* star them, though it doesn't matter though as I say this contest is just for fun :)

made of YES.

I really think this is agood mii, but the eyes take away a bit I feel I'll vote 5* though because this is the best by far...

all right then I'm in then.

so am I still able to enter this contest or Is it already going and I'm out of luck?

that's amazing :D 5*

okay guys how about THE HIVES or maybe BOSTON...

love <3 :D

my smoothie needs to be stirred!

well not really but does anyone else get that my eyes hurt feeling after playing GH or Rockband?

heh what  a poor soul to lose HAHA


wait... damn...

MARTY!!! We need to get back to the future!!!


very good just like the some few good on here.

boot to the head


your banned for banning youself

well that there are some harsh words

agreed just look at king zombie and his creative "zombie" line


wait, wait I think this rhyme is out of order...

Your banned because pikachu is yellow and I'm a happy fellow


hey heard about the commotion, and I'd thought I'd give my support to KZ and the canvas artist EvilfreD (not on the top 100) so yeah, Btw I agree w/ you on the copiers.

view my page to see my brawl # and just pm me to request to play me thx


you're banned for good times

you're to "Slow" 

I heard sable and mable made those designs, those porcupines...



Autobots Roll-out!, look at me I'm Optimus Prime

come back when you are ready.


your banned for insisting that I would ban you If I were invisible!

this is snake I'm done here...

So I Herd U Liek Lozing!
you're banned for everyone's insistence on me not being invisible also this text being visible as well