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love it. it's on my 50 favorites on cmo

i did : )

this looks just like him. good job : )

wow! i'm really sorry to hear that B1LL... keep uploading those same miis... that helps for me.

ps. also sad to see so many of your jokers on cmo

it would make the bottom of his face that color too... thats the only reason 

sorry for the mix up everyone. it's been modified.

after making my two face mii, i found i could make a mii with no limits, and something copycats couldn't touch.again, i'm very sorry about this!

I'll keep working on this one. Thanks guys ^_^

thank you mariorulz

that would be eyebrows

I think it has more to do with how many downloads not how my 5 star miis you have.

i like this one

i love this idea, 5 stars

love the hat

hahaha it looks good

awesome job on the lip. 

i love this me. it really looks like him

haha, i tried too.. this looks great

everything works, i like what you've done with the head


i really like this one. 5

i like what you made the body yellow. love the eyes


i like that you've got the eyes inside the blue.

almost 140

darth vader:  1361-4315-0348

my favorite, yup!

this is a great maul


i do like it

good eye

I like this one

Thank you for posting those, JuL ^_^You guys are the best.

Fox & Wolf.

But Fox is back on the top 50 yay

I'd like it if this site had the same system as CMOC. That way no down voting... right? Well, I'm not really sure how everything works, I just started posting miis.

it's true, i do

I was thinking about that when I made him. If I used the blue glasses, it would make the hair look less blue to me.

this is my favorite nose

i saw this on CMOC and had no idea who it was, but now i know and i like it

looks just like him

it looks really good. i like the outline, and the nose.

i've put too much time into making these miis.

fox:  6806-6316-8257

falco:  8129-9171-7692

2d:  1621-8872-4141

noodle:  8897-8809-7145

blooper:  8244-9074-0100

ganon:   4986-9023-3667

andross:  0056-4804-7959

waluigi:  2106-6807-9297

captain falcon:  3326-0808-9491

olimar:  5440-6438-3046

murdoc:  0662-3616-9436

samurai:  005-9032-4977

samus & metroid:  0569-6729-0351

sheik:  4060-6107-8365

majora:  5125-5226-3744

zora:  1048-7031-5593

goron:  8373-2630-2509

thwomp:  6822-0312-8685

solid snake:  6924-7203-4910

wario:  1322-0235-7275

i added the three bottom miis today

tingle:  7871-7674-4329

zant:  0123-3407-2331

midna:  7655-1654-9547

i really like the nose job