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hey, don't take people's miis least get permission first

says you

I mean, look at shakeandbake's

HOW have you never seen ET!!??!?!?!??!


you kinda stole that from B1LL; we hate copiers here
epic failure
gonna see the movie soon :D
oh I see it :D
uhh... it looks nothing like him... at all...
oops I rated a four...
lol pretty funny nice and creative too :D

he's cartoony as it is.
to make it better, make the mole bigger move the mouth down and give him these eyes

looks a bit like a cylon :)
5 stars
not bad, but it could use a bit of tweaking
still a fiver :)
you idiot don't vote on your own miis

I've liked all the vc and wiiware games I've downloaded, and I don't have any live arcade games on my xbox, so my least favorite (although I still like like it) would be pOp.

wow, nice original version 5 stars :D

pretty good, but you should've inverted the colors
4 stars

scorchy hasn't been around in a while

P.S. I win }:D mwahahaha

some of my favorite recent miis :D

man, captain kangaroo! you're on fire!

hate the singer (you can hardly call it singing), but I like the mii, 4 stars
hey I love it :)
haha nice rorschach and you made two different faces! I love it

I just found out that the original Smash Bros. is on virtual console in Japan!!!! Does anyone have any idea of when it's coming out in America/Europe/Etc?

chuck norris could take anything in this room and KILL you with it in less than 10 seconds. even a cotton ball.
you're too late
i8 qakjm 6t576y-0p89ijhntg w29i865yh jmk67y nhj9o0ws43e1

(it says "I am typing with my nose!")
how many licks does it take? the world may never know
I do
wow I love it 5 stars and bookmark
I'll bet it is, RSF. anyways, really good, 5 stars
no it's on both, and lots of people think it's a bad idea to stop making it playstation exclusive
no he's not!

celery or tool
aw cool that old painting. where's his pitchfork? :P
It's right here see ya
no me do
which one is it!? love it 5 stars

Name says it all.

ooh original :D
much better quality :D
haha never seen anything like that before
haha nice one, looks creepy :)
nice perspective you have there :D
and I said I did

bump bump

new video I just uploaded earlier

opps I mean a mii of that, I perfectly know what an nes controller looks like XD