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Hi I'm JuLs. Somehow I got into making miis for fun and now it turned into somewhat of a hobby. Gamer at heart. Even though I love to play video games I try to stay away from it because if I get too into at times. lol After getting fat from MMORPG's and Online FPS games you could say I was hardcore videogame addict. Reason why I don't want to get a PS3 or 360. (Don't make me play CODMW2 at your house! I'll be up all night! >_< lol) Nowadays I have a healthy addiction to dance and it's keeping me skinny! haha

On the Mii side of things you can find me on the Wii's Check Mii Out Channel and I'm on the US Top 100 Mii Artisans so look me up. I've yet to make Mii Master Artisan on CMO or get an Artist profile here so if you like what you see, leave me a comment, vote on my Miis/reputation, Bookmark, Nominate me for an Artisit Profile, add me as a friend, download/ favorite my miis because that's the kind of thing that keeps me doing it. Alright thanks for your time! See ya around the forums! ^_^

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