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stop making miis!?!?!?!?!?!?! you crazy?!?!?!?!

hahaha cool. 4/5


sweet! 5*

sweet job man 5*

YAY COLDPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont like it very much, cartoon is cool.

really good, love the cartoon!

well done again!

nice job man. i five* it!

well done, this is really cool 5*s

amazing, my yoshi sucks in comparison.

animal crossing rocks

i LOVE fred fred burger...YES

Marth is my favorite fire emblem an ssbm/ssbb player, this is awsome.


Why dont you people comment, dosent anyone out there like coldplay? =( =( =(

hahahahaha its jedi mario and luigi vs. Darth Koopa


awwww pore yoshi

Awsom sith, awsom game. KOTOR is my favourite game!!!!!!! i like it better than KOTOR 2.

love it! best revan ive seen



Awsome, You are "P" favourite. i love your grievous. 

best venom ive seen


AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sweet! 5*

it is cool!

cool! 5*

nice job, falco is AWSOME


cool, he looks CRAZZZZZY!

really good job, im a fan

love the eyes, awsome


Headless horseman is my favorite movie monster, wy didnt i think of that :(

i tried to make it, but it didnt look right

lol , awsome job man!

what is a blastwork?

lol thats really cute

ya dinosaurs rawk. im gonna be a paleontologist when i grow up.

what is that from

very good hair change

i gotta ask you, WHAT IS A BLASTWORK?

bookmarked, great butterfly. little sister loves it


she is good, but i dont think she needs to be so crazy.

Thats GOOD.

it looks really good, i dont think he copied anyone.