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Turning 13 in 5 days. Dang... It's almost been 2 years since I posted on this forum.
Welcome Thomas! Ummm... I haven't gone to blastworks or downloaded anything in a while but I think you go to the game then go to but then you go to blastworks depot and I think it will just download it. Thats how I think I did it.
Gombessa you aren't the only one cuz once the Colts win I'll be celebrating.

I heard that they stopped continuing the Mayan calendars

Add me! Baby Mario and blue falcon FC:5284-1842-2077
Well then your all the losers because I won!
Pretty much both but mainly online
33. playing with your friend's DSi (and giving it back)
8.5/10 It's . . . unique
Actually I heard that nintendo is discussing the DSitube feature on the DSi
Has anyone noticed that the cursor aiming can go WAAAAAY off? seriously the cursor aiming is something else.
The thing is some DLC would probably be more expensive than a wii point card, and I think the point cards are easier than a credit card
The thing I hate is that the only multiplayer is for online. And co-op is when your buddy just gets a stupid cursor and a gun, but not there own person. I think it's a bit dissapointing for wii, but other than that It's really fun.
The wii isn't boring it's just a lot of the games are boring. But when a big company like Nintendo makes a game its great.
I don't know because I have Modern warfare (Which by the way is better than World At War) and I found new super mario bros. in a closet so I already know I'm getting that.
It's actually very simple to make this.
I've been playing the Conduit.
I really want A ps3. But I can only buy one third of it right now.
the game is out now and its awsome. ( I don't know when the last topic was posted) I'm not very creative so I only made one level, and I'm a bit too straight forward when it comes to winning levels. the thing I do the most is use a water mine (thats what I call it) put it on a hill and let it roll down and still explodes on dry land, but once it gets to the enemy BAM!!! Their was also a major glitch that I hope will never happen again at least to me.
sure I use to have my friend codes on this site, but I posted them on the day with the database issues so I'll repost them and send them in a message to you ok.
a call of duty using only miis
1710 it's like. . . BAM!
dogs in microwaves
Sorry but that wish didn't come true because I win!!!
I have it and I wish I could get to work for the conduit.
now where's my conduit friend code? seems like it vanished.
you know Nintendo made something almost exactly like that only that it doesn't capture every movement but close, the Wii Fit!
It was one of the last systems to have game cartridges instead of discs
I also forgot a couple things when you say "scan" how do you know that it will scan your board? what if it scanned your couch? also if it does glitch it may not sense your body at least with a controller the system knows it's there.
the thing is that we don't really know if this thing is as good as it says it is, it has to have at least one or two glitches. but sure controllers have some glitches too, but usually it's easy to fix, but with that if it breaks or has a fatal glitch, you'll have 3 options:1. send it back to the store for a new one (if you can), 2. send it to microsoft to get it fixed (which may have a cost), or 3. don't even bother trying to fix it and throw it away. Also how do perform special commands? do you act it out or just tell it to do the thing? I think Nintendo will find a way to beat it.
WOW! THIS IS MARVELOUS! 100 and 1/2 STARS! but I can't go that high. . . 5.
I just posted a new level. I don't come on that often because I get distracted by other games.
I think we have enough Wiis on this site.
It's finally up! It feels very embarrassing posting it at this time because it's been a while since I said I was going to make it, but like I said, I'm lazy and on this level, I was very VERY lazy on this. So Enjoy! (it's a little short)
I like how you made it fade.
I got it now

I didn't mean to post this as a Mii.
This isn't really my ship. I just downloaded it and changed the colors, sorry original creator.
It's nothing special, I know.
Actually if you put this on a spinning enemy, It looks really cool.
And yes I know it's bad.
Actually I agree with you, but I ment by people who steal other blast works or just hardly put effort into things. By the way, I've been here for about a year now. And I would say that my art is somewhere in the middle.
When you go to blastworks that people have made by using the "more by this artist" It shows a limited amount, but if you search something that they made and it wasn't on their list you can find it.

Is this adapter thing made by nintendo? If it is I'll ask them about it.

I'm almost done with the level, but I had to lengthen it because when I previewed it, it was a little short.
OVER 100 DOWNLOADS!!!!!!! . . . Yay. . . My first thing to get to 100 downloads.
I'm still working on the level and its much better than this Beta of it.