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>I put this here for anyone who wishes to watch a clip from you tube and are feeling lazy
Little Big Planet!Little Big Planet!
Got this game a few weeks ago and got a PSN account. The game is wonderful, I am addicted to the mechanics and the paintinator, the game's editor can be frustrating but its still a great game, but that's not all. The online is even better! You can have up to 4 players playing at once, someone is the host/pod leader who decides where the people go, also that host can join another host, so its a basic party system, also you can have people follow you if you want to leave. Now comes the mayhem part of online, one of my favorites is the slapping tool, I've had a ton of fun with it. Here's my overall review, if you like messing with mechanics, making your own levels, and/or hanging with others online, this is definitely your kind of game.

-Lobob (PSN: Prowerz)
About MeAbout Me

I like metroid, mario, and zelda games. I also like fps, rpgs, and games where you get to create stuff such as spore and blast works.

Pretty much I love video games.

yep thats pretty much me

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Jul 1: Uploading Errors Resolved
Just a quick note, we had some issues with uploading in the last week, and they have been resolved. So get uploading!

Have you heard the news about the Miiverse? Be sure to tell us what you think over in the forum, and have a fun and creative summer!
Mar 23: Recent Server Outage Explained (and 5th Anniversary Gift Winners!)
About two or three days ago's database server went AWOL, created about 50gb of junk data to fill up the drive, and resultantly corrupted a lot of data.

Thankfully after much hair-pulling and brief periods of cardiac arrest, Jose (yours truly) was able to revert the data that was corrupted to a backup from the 19th of March. Most of the data like uploads and users and all the important stuff was retained right up until the site was taken offline. The only thing that regular users may notice is that if they had earned a badge just before the outage, you may need to earn it again (from your progress on the 19th).

I'll be using this coming weekend to attempt to setup a true mirror of the database so that if the database does have issues in the future, the site will switch to the backup, instead of having the site go down while under repair.

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Jan 1: Best in 2012! would like to wish everyone the best in 2012!

It's going to be an interesting year! With the Wii U potentially coming to stores, we're sure to hear more information about the future of the other consoles as well, and for, that means a lot of inevitable updates and changes.

Consider this a toast to five years of creativity and community, and maybe another 5 more!
Dec 7: Happy Holidays! 5 years!
Can you believe it? is celebrating it's 5th anniversary!

To celebrate, we'll be selecting five top contributors (using a top secret formula) over the next month to receive (small) prizes as a token of our gratitude.

So let your creativity flow! Let's see your Skyrim character, your latest Miis, your Mario Kart, or just join in the forum games!

See you in 2012!
Oct 11: Halloween Contest and Bug Fixes
Hello all, just a quick note about uploading and recent server troubles: they've been resolved and the cause of the problem (a rogue backup script) was eliminated.

It's been some time since the last updates to the site but there's some incoming. Stay tuned and if you have some time, why not drop by the forums to participate in the Halloween Contest?
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Okay! Recently as many of you know, took a HUGE break from Blast Works. Well, since that break I've lost most of my inspiration for previous projects. Yes I know, I never finish any thing! One reason for this, as I've realized, my style hasn't been good enough for me. I will be working on this and I hope you understand. Previous projects include:
-Dread ( I tried but it just didn't click)
-The unamed series
-Indiana Jones Level (atleast for now)
-All fps stuff
Things I WILL do:
-Make a tanks level (yes a wii play based level ^^)
-A remake of Star Jump
^ I've been thinking about it for a while, Star Jump is and was my first and worst level. I want to remake it so it will make sense.
-Any cooperation levels planned
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