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How could you guys not mention the Snowboard Kids 1 soundtrack? That game was full of MIDI Eurodance masterpieces! "Grass Valley", "Big Snowman", and "Dizzy Land" are among the best songs in the entire N64 catalogue (probably in the upper part of my personal top 10).

Hello. I just want to say that I'm sorry. If you want to know context:

I was formerly known as "WiiboyChris". I was 11 years old and signed up because I bought Blast Works. I saw the forum and got excited because I've never been to a forum before. And I was a huge Nintendo fanboy back then, so you'd guess what would happen (I now own a gaming PC that I built myself, which I use more often than all 3 of the consoles and my DS combined.) I looked at my posts a few years later, at 14 years old, and I was completely horrified at what I've posted. I'm now 16, and I can still remember what I've posted. It still lingers around in my mind, and it makes me feel horrible whenever I think of it. I know that I don't need to apologize, since I was only 11 and I didn't really know any better. But I have to get it off my chest, or else what I did on this account will forever haunt me.

I'm just going to go in detail about what I'm apologizing over now:

I'm sorry for what I've posted in the "Gay marriage: legal or illegal" thread. I know that I've apologized for it multiple times, but I need to apologize again, as I now know that what I said was extremely hateful (And I also thought that men could get pregnant after hearing of the news story about the FtM transgender getting pregnant. Sorry about that as well).

I'm sorry for generally being an immature dick while fully thinking I was mature, solely because my grammar and spelling were correct.

I'm sorry for the other things I've posted in the Politics forum. I had no knowledge of politics whatsoever, and I still don't, since almost every source on the internet is biased on one side to some degree and I'd prefer to not get any info from them. But I digress. I had absolutely no knowledge of politics, and I only posted there because I thought I was mature enough and I wanted to prove it to others.

I'm sorry for abusing the word filter.

I'm sorry for a lot of things.

I want to also say some positive things though: These forums were amazing back when I was a regular here. I spent a lot of time on these forums. I stayed up late at night just wanting to go on these forums. I felt as if I was actual friends with the forum regulars here. I want to thank the admins for making this wonderful site, and I want to thank the moderators and forum regulars for making it the community that it is. I want to thank you all, including the trolls, that taught me how to spot a troll when I see one.

Thank you for your time. I just needed to get this off my chest. Good bye.

It's supposed to be coming out sometime this year in Japan. Looks like Kirby 64, which is awesome. It's supposed to be the 4th game in the Kirby Dreamland series. Looks to be some final Smash-like moves in there, too.

Perhaps it could be the unreleased Gamecube game? They look pretty similar...

you're not allowed to talk about hacking in these forums.
Yeah, it's great. Think Tony Hawk's Underground meets Diddy Kong Racing. That's basically MNR.
I'm going through a roller coaster right now. Only I'm on that part where it goes all over the damn place with loops, corkscrews, and big drops, and usually ends with the flash of a camera.
If you want to change from you old ways, then I should probably tell you that thread bumping is a bit frowned upon in most forums.

Oh, I have the HBC too, and all the apps you have. Except I didn't mod it for "backups". It's a pretty awesome channel.

Links: ur doin it rong

Upload it to Photobucket.

December 3:

From the Japan-only PS1 version of Snowboard Kids. Easily my favorite song in the game.
Besides the fact that every one of my relatives ignored me, yes, Thanksgiving was very delicious.

Also, what does Thanksgiving have to do with politics and current affairs?
Oh, um, sorry for the profanity in that image.

I hate people internet commenters that think they have to state their political/religious beliefs on every video or article they come across. I have an award for these people:

I get a $infinity dollar bill.

I put in a paradox
Modnation Racers.

So much better than Mario Kart.
LOL you own EyePet.

Quote YoshiStar64:
Hah, same here! For me, it's been four years since then... seriously, where does time go? Look away, cause I'm gonna cry now...

Don't be embarrassed, cause I think I am too...

You get a square watermelon.

I put in the surprise that a thread I made 2 years ago is still being posted in...
You suck at trolling.
PSN: QWERTYCommander




Uncharted 2

Modnation Racers



Vanquish (Which, might I add, is an amazing game. Download the demo NOW)

Now what are we going to compare frequently delayed games to?

I'm back too. Still remember when I was 12 years old, and I became addicted to this site. The forum was like a second home to me. Really awesome stuff.
Well, the 3DS JP pricing was revealed. $300 for Japan. Since JP prices usually go down once the product hits the US, it'll probably be $250.

And also, it's supposed to come out in Spring 2011 for US and EU.

February for JP.


Hot Pockets.

Ah ****, forgot again. I'll just give out text descriptions of my Mods.


Phil from the flash game, Riddle School 3.

Tomska from YouTube.

My sister.

Why does this site suddenly have a very small character limit now? Anyway

With 5's Graphics engine. And a new Kid Icarus, a remake of Starfox 64 and OoT, a new Pilotwings game, oh, and 2GB cartridges at launch!

And yes, there are 3D movies. I heard of Nintendo making deals with Dreamworks and other companies.

Anyway, carry on, I'm just having a moment.
I thought that with the large amount of troll attacks on here that people would know to just ignore them.

Well, anyway, the 3DS looks amazing. Hopefully it's inevitable web browser has Youtube compatibility, or at least with the HTML5 videos. Because there is NO EXCUSE this time, unlike the DS and DSi. I don't want to lug my tank of a laptop to a vacation just to use Youtube. I also heard about Saints Row (my favorite GTA clone) coming to the 3DS. And a Resident Evil game with 5's graphics engi

Remember that annoying, immature 12 year old, WiiboyChris? Well, I'm 14 now, and I am honestly afraid of checking out my older posts, in fear of getting embarrassed.

ModNation Racers. Keep losing in the Grand Tour race #1.

DOOM! So much better.

Yes, this is an amazing game. Although I have experienced some control issues, especially when taking cover. But everything else is just so awesome. Even an admin agrees.

Should be in the DS board.

Gotta go with the classics. The shotgun in Doom.

Well... mostly because my bro's 360 is broken.

Same as my username on this site.

Would post my mods right now, but it's 3:37AM and I didn't even take pictures of them yet..
Have to start school again...
Okay, I bought it, and it's AWESOME!!!

From the creators of Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark... A MOTHER***ING SPORTS GAME! HOLY ****, THAT'S AWESOME! RARE IS SO ORIGINAL! </sarcasm>

Seriously, I don't think I have EVER facepalmed this hard in my life.

Oh, the memories I had with this site. What happened? It's painful to watch this site get destroyed, piece by piece. Rest in Peace, (or, or whatever.)

Huh... Could've sworn you were always a mod.
Quote Josean:
Nice to see you around, Chris. You might also like to know that I am also a moderator now.

I thought you were a mod when I joined this site. Or are you being sarcastic, 'cause I really can't tell.
Played the demo, and thought it was amazing. Hopefully I'll get it for my birthday.
Now, the Pokemon have animation in battles.
Woah! RSF is a mod now?

I've been gone longer than I thought.

Quote dizzy boy:
 don`t worry about not posting up mii`s eban. it`s not a compulsory must that you have to do so. just so long as your active here on the forums,

some people go for months without posting up mii`s (such as myself).

inspiration will come when you least expect it. i know, i`ve woken up at 4am with ideas and made them, there and then.

Kinda funny, that, seeing what your footer says.

Well, to start off... I'm the user that used to be known as "WiiboyChris". Well, I decided to change my name because I got a PS3 for Christmas and enjoy it thoroughly, also because I use this name for many other accounts that I have made, on sites like Youtube and Gamespot. Well anyway...

Things have changed. Who used to be an immature, gullible 12 year old, is now 14. I make reviews on Youtube for computer applications, and I also review Youtube channels with a website that I have made (If you're curious, it's Not spamming or anything). I also have much less time to browse this site than I used to. The community was great, despite a few trolls that stained it a bit, and the Miis and Blast Works Depot were amazing.  And it was, all around, a very good site. But like I said, I have a lot less time to browse this site. I'm currently learning how to use Flash (for games), and I also have to deal with things like family, etc. I'm also kind of a computer addict now, and therefore found other sites that occupy me more (yes I admitted it).

So yeah. I was kinda thinking of visiting this site to tell you guys what was going on, and It felt like an itch I needed to scratch. Not to say I won't be here anymore, but I will be here a lot less. So yeah.
I'm not updating. Screw the Wii Shop.

Dammit, Nintendo. Why don't you just realize that people mod the Wii because

1. Region lock

2. DVD incompatibility

3. Some of the games are actually good.