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Currently Playing: Mario Kart Wii
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All about me im in da top 100 CMOC. i make random miis and PEOPLE STEAL THEM >:O i think that i should find some proz 2 play MK msg or Friend mii. LOL
Hello this is really AveryAnime. I am on daCmoc 100rank I'm da Naruto freak and toon.LOL. Import n like my miis. I play MarioKart n u can race or battle wit eaotha. I got COD WAW for Wii it is awesome and i suck (yeah) im lv 19 woot? Rankings theses days are messed up. 59th Place for a Naruto FreaK? or was it 58th. W/e i should be ALL Da Way Up. IMPORT MY MIIS DONT EXPORT! =D Send me a message or request or challenge if you wanna play me!P.S. Narutos on Every Saturday on CN!

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