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^ you are a mod now!? Congrats!

Hopefully, you'll still have some spare time... ;)
Sure :)
All the paintings I uploaded are on canvas.
Very good Mii. :)
Great. 5!
Nice; I like how this is clearly a mask although the eyes and the nose could irritate.

Nice. It does not really look like him (of course, as it's "only" a Mii), but at the same time that's totally him. :)5!

Your best Frieza :)
^ I sure hope so, too!
^ my thoughts exactly.

Ahoy, captain! This old ship could definitely use some new technologies! Pimp my our your ship!

What, if I may ask, will those new technologies be like? How about an appetizer?

Arrrrrr, captain! Did the wind blow the map away?

Here you go...


Hah, now Tocci can prepare for more than thousand Miis from you! :D
Jotaro Kujo

Crash Bandicoot vs. Ratchet

I never really left ;D


Wii launch line-up vs. Wii U launch line-up
2.016 seconds


^ kill that spider! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

(no, I can't identify them...)
Michael Phelps
Roger Federer
Usain Bolt
fair play
disappearing again. What


Better than your 'Good Launch'. 5!
There are several Wii games I'd like to play: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars; GoldenEye 007; Donkey Kong Country Returns; Kirby's Epic Yarn; Bit.Trip Complete; Rhythm Heaven Fever (Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise)... those are all titles you can already buy; you see, I'll only play catch-up for a while. Still, I'm looking forward to it.
In case you wonder whether I'll ever upload those Xenoblade Miis: I will upload them; there are just some things that got in the way... university...
no, not his boyfriend but Barbie.



Yep, that's him. 5!
Good update. 5 stars.
Best version yet!!
^ agreed :)
Better than the Wii-version!
Yeah, better than my Bob Ross. 5!
Looks good!
... the captain tries to make sense of the map...
^ cool to see some new miis from you :)

I began to make those Xenoblade Miis.
to use his


Silverfish Katana). They