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Hey I haven't seen one of your mii's in a while. Great comeback! 5'd.
Isn't this one of the guys from the Matrix, looks a lot like him.
Again the only canvas ganon on the site! 5'd
Awesome I think this is the only canvas bowser on the site! 5'd
^ I thought the same thing! 5'd!
It kind of looks like he has braces on, there's nothing like a little extra feature going un noticed! 5'd.
Love it 5'd I thought you lost your interest in making miis but I was so wrong!
Wow no comments this is amazing!
Oh yeah
Ok I just woke up, great mii! I can't even tell how you did it!?
Yes but his eyes are kind of complicated.
5'd sorry I am very tired right now I think I am gonna go take a nap.
Hmm the first mii my eye was drawn to is clevland 5'd
Ah here is where it all started it was a new day everybody was young and we were all chilling looking at rabbit guy.
Ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3

what does rofl mean?
Sick 1'd
Sick 1'd
Sick 1'd
Sick 1'd
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Sick 1'd
HA HA? How could you laugh at this Hitler was sick killed a bunch people did sick tests to jews like put there arms on where there legs are supposed to be and put there legs on there arm sockets! NO MORE HITLER MIIS GET ALL OF THEM OFF THE SITE!
Sick why are there so many hitler mii's on this site! Does anyone here know who Hitler is because if you do then FLAG THESE OFF!
This is VERY offensive and I hoped this gets flagged of the site, do you even know who hitler is? HE caused the world war 2 and its was the worst war because more people died then all the world wars combined, and considering that some of our users are jews so please flag this off because hitler was a sick man and nobody wants and resemblance to him on our sight.
Wow I saw this movie the three times you gotta love an action comedy! 5'd
Wow another one is coming out it felt like just a few days ago I was seeing commercials about Marvel vs Capcom 2 5'd! Great match.
You so got this idea from my page Cool face video cracks me up 5'd! &sa=X&ei=aUMnTsbGE5S50AGfqOHjCg&ved=0CAQQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNGTTN82ZRqjNmgVEMfwSqLvwYfYjA
I have really bad feeling that india is going to win, but I am I fan of england! 5'd
Perfecto! 5'd
Wow I love how you made his smoke! You cant under rate a mii thats smoking! 5'd
OH! Looks like we got a new artist among us! Great start! 5'd
Ew she has nose hair 5'd
Play the two videos above at the same time from start to finish. When its done you will believe me when I say THE DOG IS THE WORD
Perfect match how did you make those eyes? I don't see them on the eyes list on But maybe the or on the wii 5'd
Hmm I think Buffy the vampire slayer is still on the air channel 255 if you got verizon wireless. 5'd and a bookmark. Oh yeah and in call of duty black ops she plays as the hot swift zombie killer in the map call of dead. I think her name is Sarah Mashel Geller. But this isn't her. Still great mii!
We have a lot of voyager fans on this site and I happen to be one of them. 5'd
I knew it was him before I read the name and somehow I knew you made it :) 5'd
actually I have a friendly disagreement, I think the glasses are just fine :)
5'd because of the detail
Don't be silly guys this isn't him! He is just joking he is a boy first of all and a Cute girl like this wouldn't be playing on this site.
Great match you always got that special touch with your miis 5'd
Wow your very talented!