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^Great job! I love this game! I just got some formees created...I'll put them up soon.
FREAKYFORMS! This could be a great outlet for our artistic integrity. :D
Just got a Giant AR Card! I can't wait to post some pics!
A proper pair of Sega Master System 3D Glasses. I own two broken pairs.(The Nintendo EShop should put out those games!)
Cave Story 3DS. What a GREAT GAME!!!

A whole lot of Neoquest BGM...
(Not my video/NP account.)
^...i did. I'm an impulse buyer; figured it's better than actually BUYING them.
Zack (Dead Or Alive)
^...they REALLY should! Same with the other GBA "Ambassador" titles. It would still be fair to the early 3DS owners since titles would have to be purchased.

The bundle would be WAY better!

HO HO HO!!! Kris here, taking a vacation already to see what GC's boys and girls want most of all...VIDEO GAMES!!! Just let jolly, good 'ol Santa know what you would like to own. Old retro console bundle, a rare import, an arcade cabinet, or perhaps to just shake hands and chat with David Jaffe.
(warning: Santa does not physically exist and cannot give you outrageous gifts...even if you've been really, REALLY good this year.)
Earning Coins. Shaking my 3DS like an au pair with a baby. : /
^Ditto. Majora's Mask is a great game! I have it on one of my Wiis, but would have liked it on both. Oh well. I can't wait to see what they'll put out next month!
The wide eye set was the way to go. Good job celery!!! 5*s!
Nice... 5*s!!! This looks similar to mine(so I guess we both did a great job, lol!).
Spring Cleaning. The weather here in Maine has been it's usual for this time of year...unpredictable! In the 80(F)s last weekend, now cold w/ light snow.
Now Club Nintendo is doing Wii & 3DS games for coins! This is something they should have been doing a while ago. :D
^Agreed. I was looking forward to playing Love Plus...oh well.(I've seen the limited edition Love Plus 3DS Bundle...pricey!)
^Sounds good! Just got back on GC after a few months(console issues). I just recently got a 3DS... here's my code: 0216-1672-8796
^Yeah, thanks!
Seriously though, getting the Wii repaired is a pain. They keep a backup of your data, but you have to download it again(Miis, VC/WiiWare, Save Data, DLC, ect.).
Nice! 5*s! You'll have to do a 3DS version soon! :D
Hey guys! Back again. So here's what's been going on:
Nintendo Wii had issues, sent it out to get repaired.
Got a second console(black)...just in case.
Wii came back w/ no trouble repairing.
Had to re-download ALL my Wiiware/VC games(read my's a lot!)
Lost my Address Book on my Wii. Lame.
Had to get ALL my Miis back!
DSiXL is now having issues(*grrrr*).
Sending out XL to get repaired this week.
Finally got a 3DS!!!
Been going game crazy on Neopets lately!
And finally, making some time to make/edit Miis on the 3DS!
Well, got my Elite Status gift! This pin set is pretty cool:
Fun contest! Great job ALL! Congrats KG!!!
Skyward Sword...when it comes out. I'll also get Twilight Princess now that it's $20!
Extreme Mode on Trauma Center....VERY DIFFICULT!!!
X-Factor's Simon Cowell (Karaoke Revolution: American Idol)
^ ^ ^
Sorry guys, I just wanted to put in my or lose. Just havin' fun! Week 3 was a miss for me so it's not like I was close in the runnings.


Eben Frostey vs. King Galaxy: Eben Frostey
Eben Frostey vs. Toon&Anime: Toon&Anime
Toon&Anime vs. King Galaxy: Toon&Anime
celery vs. Eben Frostey: Eben Frostey
celery vs. King Galaxy: celery
celery vs. Toon&Anime: Toon&Anime
Sure! All Wii is...a Gamecube w/ motion controls & larger disc drive. This new console will be just that, a new console(-and in HD!)! The controller is very interesting: touch screen, mic, speakers, two thumbsticks, and a decent button display. I hope all these features with the 4.3" screen doesn't make the controller hard to handle(looks a little bulky). Also, licencee titles will be able to incorporate the WiiU into the HD(ps3/360)mix. Plus, there will be some great Nintendo exclusive titles to look out for. Hmmmm, Mario & HD! I CAN'T WAIT!!!
^Hey Eb, ever tried out the Para Para Paradise games when in Akihibara? Now THAT'S something I'd give a go!
Sorry 'bout the late submission. The Mrs. has been using the lappy & my Wii has crapped the bed! Just got a new console while I'm getting the old one repaired.
Beat Bowser's Inside Story...Got a new console(Black) and now finishing a season of Madden '09.
Just picked up the 1st one(not Hottest Party)! Not bad. I even liked the choreography mode.
My 1st Halloween at the house. Putting up decorations and gonna plan for a Zombie Walk, a Halloween Party the weekend of, and spook some Trick-or-Treaters.
That's nice. It's been a while since I've hit the 'ol arrows. I might get back into that now that I'm in a house and not an upstairs apartment. :-D
Sure...what's to come though?
Got some DS games:
Bowser's Inside Story(currently playing)
Elite Beat Agents(2 copies for multiplayer)
Glory of Heracles
Eben Frostey vs. King Galaxy: King Galaxy
Eben Frostey vs. Toon&Anime: Toon&Anime
Toon&Anime vs. King Galaxy: King Galaxy
celery vs. Eben Frostey: celery
celery vs. King Galaxy: celery
celery vs. Toon&Anime: celery
I've had dreams(recurring) where I'm in a place where I find retro games hidden away. I take them and leave. When I awake, a sadness washes over me as I then realize the games are NO LONGER in my possesion! I also had a dream I was playing Super Mario All Stars before it even came out. A nightmare I had(involving video games) is where I'm in the game Shadowgate...and trying not to die! I'd do my best not to see the grim reaper. SCARY! I should have posted THIS instead:
Yo! Noid, The Burger King, 7-up Spot
(3 Licenced Video Game Characters)
^Thanks! I had a lot of fun figuring this out. My friend & I spent a couple of days working on these. They were gonna be used for a local Zombie Walk we were organizing! This pic is by far the best out of the ones we did. Here's the original pic:
I wonder how many people accually use the Club Nintendo program. Almost everyone I know locally could care less about it! I mean, come on! There's nothing wrong with "FREE" things.
^ I don't even know why I wrote "demo". I need to proofread my stuff more often. LOL, yeah.