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Nicw one from the dark Knight movies
I had spicy pizza for dinner today and this Mii makes me want to eat more pizza since it's soo good. 5 stars
Nice one from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
I like this one. The stage name is quite unique.
Nice superhero one. Did you choose the hat hair style instead of bald since he has cracks on his body and skin?
looks nice, too bad no yellow hat
I would add this character to the Wii U to have characters from a variety of series
I love it, he's one of my favorite characters
Nice one, I like it a lot. I just posted my Star Trek miis so you should look at them.
very cool, I love the eyes on page 3 because those black eyes look cooler than the page 2 ones.
I like how you used the sunglasses to make a version of him without glasses
nice one
Did you take this picture right before the undershirt one?
Nice clone version with a different nickname. 5s
Very cool 5s
It's Super-dynamic cooking time!!!!!
I like how you made the eyes be in the cat-ears position and the eyebrows be in the eye position to make her look more happy!! 5 stars
I like it when he says "There is no way you can ever knock me out!!" to start the battles
I like how you made the eyes and the eyebrows become the arrows, & the nose, mouth, glasses, and mustache form the two-headed man.

Never heard of this character before

He died, I wish I met him.
I like it when he says "Fighting with conviction leads to victory!!" to start the battle
"Mission Start!!!"

"Mission Complete!!!"

"That was too easy!"

"What an easy mission!"

"You call that a fight?"

"That was nothing!"

"Arooooo!" That's one of the good win quotes for this guy in Super Street Fighter 4
I like it when this guy goes like "You fought the rest, now try the best!!!"
I liked it when she said "Pleased to meet you"
He reminds me of the Laissez faire agreement I learned in World History 2
I like how you swapped the eyebrows and eyes
I like how you swapped the mouth and the mustache to make it even more alternate
Mii 2!!

A mi tambien!!!
Nice alternate versions: Check out mine too
My sister has a friend with this name
"When I was a young wart hog"


I'm a sensitive soul though I seem thick-skinned
And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind
And oh, the shame He was ashamed
Thought of changin' my name What's in a name?
And I got downhearted How did ya feel?
Everytime that I...
Simba, you're a mii now
very nice making both of those twins
I like how you made this one similar to elizabeth
I like how you used the mole to make only one open eye
Oh, you've introduced me to some characters I never heard of before
I'm doing this kind of stuff too so I can show you and other users even more of them.
I like how you made the dotted eyebrows like tears meaning that she's crying
Nice job making the eyebrows be the buzz cut
I like the fact that you used the mii versions to replace the original faces
I like that you used more features than just the wii for the eyes, nose, and mouth
I like how you made the eyebrows a different type of mustache
I like president and history miis too
Nice job making the eyebrows a different type of mustache
Yea, I like olympic swimmer miis too
Wow, I liked the fact that you made a really famous comedian