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Ali420 and I submitted our mii's for the contest at the same time, neither one aware of what each other created.
Sup Dad?
Thats just genius right there
his face shouldbe a bit rounder
Yeah that mii guy is a *********, he thinks his link with down syndrome is the best
Now that's just freakin' genius. 5 stars.
No offense but it kinda looks more like a pig
Just stop making mii's. If I have to look at another one of your s h i t t y mii's i think im gonna die
Very good. Nirvana era. I like it.
haha i remember always catching his hat with the fishing rod, he would always get all pissed off, haha those were the days
you are god
yaya we need more GOOD Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 Miis
ok holy **** you need to learn to accept the fact that you suck... the only reason your miis dont all have one star is because you voted for yourself a bunch of times when you used to be able to... you are a complete disgrace so stop insisting your down syndrome eyes are the best you dumb ****
Too bad macs suck ass for gaming.... what a shame but 5 stars anyways
I think your eyebrows are a bit better then mine, but i like the expression on mine better.
sorry about that, i was really in the moment, i thought to fast and didnt even realize that it looked different
5 Stars
i gave him a 2 because the little curves make him look like he is super fat
OK so: Your Links suck, but this is pure genius. 5 stars.
Umm I dont think so dude. His eyes look like he's got down syndrome.
Best eyes my ass. He looks like he has down syndrome.
Yours looks exactly like mine but with different eyebrows you jackhole.
Don't ****ing copy my Mii's you *******.
i think its great but you should use the facial feature thing where you can make the eyes have shadows around them
very good but i think the nose is one or two clicks too big
ok you seriously need to go get YOUR eyes checked. The eyes on all of your link miis are complete and utter crap. Look at every poster, every peice of artwork, his eyes dont look a thing like these ones you dumb biotch
i think that mine is a bit better
way to complicated. the simpler versions look better
i just wanted to point out that adam is like going bald, and you pretty much gave him a full head of hair..
1. ****ty mii
2. ****ty mii
3. ur gay
absolute crap. mine is ten times better
it looks good but you still should have at least tried him out with the black beanie or somethin
I reject your reality and substitute my own
eat my Five-Point-Palm Exploding Heart Technique
Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?
May he rest in peace
pretty good but it needs eyebrows
Honestly, I think this isthe most accurate Mii I have seen on the entire website (and trust me, I have looked at every Mii on here), 5 stars.
c'mon man con't cheaat by turning the camera upside down
really really well made and f'n hilarious
bull**** urs is better
I think its really good and I gave you five stars. The only thing that I think is slightly taking away from this one is the gender. I know she is a girl but if you make her a guy then I think it will look more like she is in her suit. Just a thought.
That's pure genius right there.